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Reviews & Tutorials

Hello there! I decided to make an index of all the reviews and tutorials I've done for your convenience. Please check them out! I hope you find them helpful and informative 

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▲ All opinions/thoughts stated are my own and 100% completely honest.
▲ Unless otherwise specified, all products were purchased by me.
▲ Your experience with the product will differ from mine.
▲My reviews are based on my own personal experience.



❖ Luxor Hair Salon Review


Skin79 Hot Pink Super+ BB Cream
Skin79 Dream Girls BB Cream 
Skin79 The Oriental Gold Plus BB Cream
❖ Tokidoki Arte Palette - Til Death Do Us Part
❖ Diamond Lash - Glamorous Eye
❖ E.L.F Jumbo Lip Gloss Sticks
❖ Mary Kay Concealer
❖ Essence Forget It! 3 in 1 Concealer
[Sponsored] Born Pretty Store - Princess Lee Eyelashes
❖ [Sponsored] Born Pretty Store - 3 Piece Brow Stencil
❖ [Sponsored] Born Pretty Store - 10 Pattern False Lower Lashes
❖ [Sponsored] Born Pretty Store - 3 Colour Delicate Makeup Foundation
❖ [Sponsored] Born Pretty Store - Almonds Oil Natural Cream Moisture Gloss Lip Stick Review
❖ [Sponsored] Born Pretty Store - Highlighting Lip Tint Concealer Eye Stick
❖ [Sponsored] Born Pretty Store - Seamless Handmade Bottom False Eyelash Review
❖ [Sponsored] Born Pretty Store - Seamless Natural Criss-Cross False Lash Review
❖ [Sponsored] Born Pretty Store - Fluorescent Lasting Lip Gloss, Moisturizing Lipstick Balm, and Foundation Sponge Review
❖ Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

Circle Lenses


Palty Foam Hairdye Review - Creamy Caramel
 Palty Foam Hairdye Review - Custard Beige
 Palty Hairdye Review - Sakura Creamy


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