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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Where did I go? [huge update post]

Hello lovelies! I guess I sort of disappeared off the face of the earth again didn't I? My bad haha. I've been lacking in motivation to do a lot of things. This blog has been running on and off for so long, I'm in a weird spot where it's hard to give it up completely but it's also hard to keep it going consistently.

I haven't really been up to much other than work, as usual. I go out with my friends a lot more now but when I'm at home I'm mostly just watching netflix or playing games so I'm very unproductive and uninteresting. Now that I think about it though, a lot has happened since my last few posts so this will be a long update post with lots of pictures.
Here's a tl;dr summary of stuff that's been going on. I'll probably do a separate post for the highlighted posts so stay tuned for that:
  • got another tattoo
  • went to a funeral for a friend I went to elementary school with
  • went to a cousin's wedding
  • I met Zee, the creator of SuperOrange
  • started streaming again @ twitch.tv/seirren
  • visited a cat cafe
  • celebrated a friend's birthday
  • I saw CL in concert

More Tattoos

My tattoo count is now at 5. I recently finished my left thigh piece.
The text is a line of lyrics from my favorite GazettE song, Cassis. The date is when I met them in concert. I picked the kitsune mask as it goes with the theme of loyalty and love in the lyrics.

Funeral & Wedding

I don't really have much to say about these two topics. The funeral was for a friend I went to elementary school with. We hadn't spoken in a really long time, I only bumped into him briefly at the mall earlier this year. We weren't on bad terms or anything, we just led different lives. I always thought fondly of him. He was murdered in a double homicide. It's nothing short of unfortunate and tragic. He was a kind and funny guy who will be missed dearly, especially by his son. 

The wedding felt very off. I'm not sure if it was because I am very distant with my family or if it was just how unorganized and uncomfortable the whole thing was. I didn't take the event very seriously. To be honest I didn't even want to be there. I snapped a few photos and watched the ceremony. I didn't bother with the banquet afterwards.
me and my sister
me and my mom

Meeting Zee

In the summer we had an anime convention. I don't go to these anymore but one of my favorite clothing designers was coming up so I had to go meet him. I have supported Zee for a really long time, almost since the beginning. He was really sweet and kind. He brought me lots of nice things and had a huge tub of merch for me to pick through. I really hope to hang out with him again! 
excuse my derpy face


I recently started streaming again. It's a nice way to meet friends and connect with people all over the world. It mostly feels like a giant LAN party haha. I currently stream Overwatch and some indie games here and there.

Cat Cafe

I've wanted to visit the Catfe for the longest time but the reservations were always taken up. After talking about it for a while, my senpai and I got a reservation in and we got to go meet the cats! 


This was probably one of the last times I dolled up. To be honest I've been growing out of gyaru for some time now. It's just a lot and feels super high maitenance. I barely even go out nowadays haha. I'll still go out with the full makeup if I feel like it, but I'm finding that I feel like it a lot less nowadays.

CL Concert

CL came to visit my city and initially I had planned to go but the tickets sold out really fast and they were a little more expensive than I anticipated. On the day of the concert I got a call from one of my good friends. She had gotten free tickets from another friend who couldn't make it, so we ended up going together. It was a really short and sweet concert. I am kinda glad I didn't pay for admission because it was the shortest concert I've ever been to (~45 mins to an hour?). 

CL was flawless and gorgeous in person. Overall I had a good time and I was able to snag a tour bomber jacket!
Anyways I'm sorry this was such a mishmash of information. Like I said, it's hard to be motivated to keep this going when I don't really have a lot of interesting things going on in my life haha. Thank you for sticking around and taking the time to read my ramblings. If you have any post suggestions, I'd love to hear them! It can be anything like skincare/makeup reviews, or even tutorials if you're interested. 

Until next time!
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