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Sunday, June 12, 2016

☠ The GazettE DOGMATIC World Tour ☠

Hello hi. Last month I got to realize one of my biggest teenage dreams. I got to see The GazettE in concert and meet them in person. It was one of the most amazing experiences in my life. I'm still super emo about it, especially when I look at Ruki's water bottle in my display case ;____;

Unfortunately, the boys don't really like pictures or video taken. I respected that and just enjoyed the concert as they wanted me to.
I bought VIP tickets for myself and I went alone. A lot of my friends went too but they just bought general admission tickets. I really wanted to meet them and $200 seemed like a fair price as I've waited over 8 years for this lmao.

I got there kind of early but there was a huge lineup. After I got in I bought merch right away. There was a shirt included in the VIP package but I went ahead and bought another shirt as well as a reusable bag to carry everything. I was in the mosh pit the whole time and it was just a wild night. I made so much eye contact with Ruki, Reita and Uruha. It was surreal how close they were to me. I was a bit disappointed they didn't play any of their super old stuff but overall the concert was bomb af.

We got doused with water near the end and we screamed for like 10 minutes to get an encore. I caught Ruki's water bottle (my soul literally left my body to get it) but was unable to grab any of the picks or drumsticks. Let me tell you, it was ridiculous how hard some of these girls fought (I can't blame them but it's like, they're standing right there 5 feet away on stage staring at you. Be a /little/ civil? lmao).

The girl some ways behind me caught Kai's drumstick and was nice enough to let me touch it and take a picture.
After the show we had a short meet and greet. I got to shake their hands and confess my undying love for them. I thanked them for their hard work and music and they thanked me for being a dedicated long time fan. There was definitely a language barrier but I think both our feelings were conveyed adequately. Reita held my hands the longest and he was shaking. I told him and Ruki I loved them the most and that I waited all my life to meet them. Ruki said he was honored and humbled. I died.

They all had super soft hands and smelled so nice omg. They were so sweet and kind as well. Kai was just a ray of sunshine. He drummed like a champ for the entire concert and still had the most energy out of all of them at the meet. 
Even though I went alone, I ended up making a few friends. It was definitely an unforgettable night. I'll be emo about this until the day I die tbh. Here's my makeup, nails, and outfit:
I also got a new tattoo the next day. I didn't really like the way the font turned out so I'm getting it touched up soon. It's a Miyavi quote that says something along the lines of: "even if you die tomorrow, have a life of no regrets"
The stencil
Stencil on skin
Finished result
Friendly warning for if you get a shoulder tattoo: it hurts like a bitch where you least expect it lmao. I have relatively high pain tolerance (I actually almost fell asleep), but the top and bottom parts of the tattoo hurt the most. I didn't even feel him do the text.
Anyways that's all for now. I hope you enjoyed reading this post! Catch you next time~
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