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Sunday, September 6, 2015

★ 新しい ★

Hello! I'm not gonna lie, I got hella lazy and procrastinated making this post forever lol. A few weeks ago I got to meet my new baby nephew, Devon. I got to see a lot of family from my dad's side whom I haven't seen in years so it was really nice! Here was my look for the night:
I've been trying out a new eye and brow shape. I've sort of straightened out my brows a little more and for my eyes I've been doing that little inner corner point. What do you think?
Close-up of my makeup
Some pictures and video from the dinner:
My cousin the happy new dad
My aunt and the baby
Work's been pretty steady lately. I had a bunch of extra hours to put in but that fat check at the end of the week definitely made me feel better about working the weekend. We also had a summer party a few weeks back. There was a beer garden, inflatable slide, bumper cars, and a lot of yummy food!
We also had a cosplay exhibit where some of the employees put up their costumes and props for display. It was so cool to see geek culture celebrated so openly (I know it's a game company and that should be sort of expected but it's still really cool to see stuff like this around the office!)
Other than that, not much is new, but I am doing a little better than I was in my last post. I started working out with one of my besties, Branden, and I signed up for the gym at work. That's been helping me relieve stress and distract myself from my problems for a bit. It's quite relaxing and I think it makes me feel a lot better about myself. I want to lose ~10 lbs and get myself that flat tummy so I've been really focused on watching my meals and staying active.

I've also started cooking a little more with him (he's in culinary school) so I'm learning lots on how to eat foods that are better for my body.
This post is getting so long lol. Yesterday I went to a friend's birthday party. I've been friends with her since elementary school so it was really nice to catch up and see her again. Here was my look:
This was almost the same as the look I posted earlier but I cut out the black liner on my lower lash and only lined the inner corner. I think I might like this look better since it doesn't look as harsh and heavy as the one I wore to my nephew's dinner.
Close-up! Sorry for the crap quality ;n;
Of course, my post wouldn't be complete without a photo dump of food and other things I snapchat so here you go:
Branden and I went shopping and
found this cool Coke can glasses
Corgi at work!
I didn't know Guy Fieri had his
own coffee.....
More dogs at work!
Branden my house waifu lol
A fat cat at the local bookstore

We had a power outage at work so
this is how some of the artists
and the art director passed the time
It finally started raining again!
That's all for now! Catch you guys later.
Strawberry On Top Of Cupcake