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Sunday, January 4, 2015

▲ Gal Makeup Progress ▲

Hello again lovelies. It's that time of year again where I get to pull out this nifty meme that Lizzie created! You guys should go check her out cause she's such a sweetheart and her blog is really great to read ❤ You can check out the posts for previous memes here and here but I'll post them below as well so you can see the progress~
My first year
My second year
This year!
Ah looking at all these makes me feel a little nostalgic haha. Anyways, here is the breakdown of my makeup journey. This year I focused a lot on brow and eye shape.
January - February
Brow game is hella weak. Looking back they're like cheetos LOL WHAT WAS I THINKING. Way too thick and short. I'm glad I changed that. I was really into doing droopy lower lashes for some reason, I thought it made my eyes look bigger along with a more rounded liner. Most of the time it just looks like my lashes are falling off because I didn't throw in any liner or shadow to help the lashes transition better.

Figured out those brows and started playing with contour. Still can't get those lower lashes to sit right. I started to miss my winged liner so I began ditching the rounded look.

One of my better looks I think, especially compared to the ones before it. I winged out my liner, lined my center lower lashline to help the lashes transition, and my brows are on mad fleek.

Tried to straighten my brows out a little more to see if I liked them better that way. I got really into putting shimmery pearl/champagne shadows on my lower lashline instead and doing an aegyo-sal type shadowing in brown under that in place of lining my center lower lashline (god that was a lot of words).

I put the shimmery shadow back where it belonged, in the inner corner of my eye LOL I also pulled my lower lashes farther away from my inner corner. 

I missed my April look a lot. I noticed I started to leave this gap between my upper and lower lashes where they meet at the outer corner (which looks really weird and sloppy to me) so I started applying them a bit closer together. I also brought up the lower lashes closer to my lashline as got closer to my inner corner. This was probably the only decent look I had since April haha.

Went back to fiddling with my brow shape. I also realized that I was being pretty heavy handed and they ended up looking kinda gross so I took more time in shaping them and making sure not to over-cake my brows. Needless to say my eye makeup went to shit because god forbid I focus on two key points of a look at the same time lol

I outgrew the droopy lower lash look. After reflecting at old pictures, I decided that wasn't for me (even though it looks amazing on other gals who can pull it off). I starting bringing my lashes back closer to my natural lashline, particularly in the inner corner. I stopped cutting my lashes (both upper and lower) and used the full band instead.

Now that's the shit I'm talking about. I was super happy to finally figure out my brows and eyes all at once. I think this was one of my more well put together looks so I started to work on contour a lot more.

I played around with darker looks because I was going through a lot and also it's fall so cutesy/natural looks didn't appeal to me much. I don't know if you can see but I also worked on contouring here (I apologize for the 8 million filters I have on).

Here I'm trying out that "point" on the inner corner again. It's another one of those things that looks great on other people but looks kinda stupid on myself (basically the droopy lower lashes all over again zzz)
Overall I'm pretty happy with the growth I've made so far. Although my progress isn't as fast as I'd like it to be, I'm glad that the progress exists haha.

Thank you guys so much for reading, and thank you Lizzie for making this meme! It's super fun to make each year  Don't forget to check her out if you guys haven't already and I'll talk to you all very soon~ byebye ❤❤❤

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