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Wednesday, January 21, 2015

☂ Birthdays, Books, and Lash Extensions ☁

Hi! Did you lovelies have a good weekend? Over the last two weeks I caught up with a lot of old friends, as well as spent quality time with some new ones!
I finally got the chance to hang out with Sharon. We met a long time ago at my best friend's birthday party years ago but we never really spent any time with each other after that. We had been talking a bit and decided we should meet up for lunch! Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures together because we were so busy chatting but here's a picture of her and just omg look at how stunning she is ;____;
I also went to a birthday party at a pizza parlor downtown. It turns out a good high school friend of mine works there so I got to chat with him a bit. What a small world! Here are some pictures~
Me and Szeki
The birthday boy Keith (far left)!
My friend Carly asked for eyelash extension models on Facebook the other day so I volunteered! She needed to practice and since I've always wanted to try them I thought, why not? 
Here's a picture of my non-existent lashes
Here's what she ended up giving me:
They're so long! I thought they were going to be a lot more dramatic but I'm glad they turned out so natural. They require a little bit of extra care but if you're really on top of things, these babies can last 2-4 weeks!

Afterwards my friend Branden picked me up from the salon and we walked around downtown a bit. We came across this really cool store that sold a bunch of things from furniture to bookmarks. I took a few pictures to show you guys~
A badass lizard letter opener
We also stopped by the book store for a few hours. I've been meaning to get back into reading but I'm so picky with my books it's almost ridiculous. Here are a few I thought were interesting, let me know if you've read them or if you have any book suggestions!
This one is about a man who loses his father
and abandons his life by moving to the wilderness.
He ends up adopting a baby elk and they end up
becoming friends.
This one is about a perfumer who is
also a murderer.
This one is a romance novel about a girl who
is sold to a mafia family and she falls in
love with the son of the family.
This week I'll be going for DineOut Vancouver again so I'll be updating about that later! I have a few backlogged posts that I meant to make a while ago so I hope to get those out to you as well. Until next time! Have a great day~

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