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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

❅Winter is Coming [haul&picspam]❅

Hey! Lately it's been getting really cold and rainy here in Vancouver so I started stocking up on winter clothes. I don't know why, but I always feel like I have no winter-wear even though all I do is buy sweaters and cardigans at this time of year. When it's summer I feel like all I have is winter clothing and vice versa. Does this happen to anyone else LOL?

Anyways, since I got my job back I decided to spend a little on bundling up this year. I actually really adore the fall and winter selections at Forever21 for both the men's and women's clothes this year!
I picked up quite a few things but I was able to get in on some sales and discounts so it wasn't too awful on my bank account haha. All of these are stock pictures taken from the internet/the Forever21 website! Some of these should still be available in store but I don't think they'll be there for long~
Pleather mini skirt - $11.80
taupe knit cardigan - $23.80
Black diamond knit sweats - $23.80
Grey diamond knit sweats - $23.80
Leather sleeved parka - $75.80 (but I got 40% off!)

Houndstooth scarf - $12.80

Chunky gold heart choker - $2.99
I couldn't find a stock picture of this item
but it literally looks exactly the same as this
GUESS necklace, minus the GUESS tags
Monster cropped sweatshirt - $18.80
Flawless jersey t-shirt - $23.80
Overall I'm pretty happy with my purchases, especially the parka! I haven't purchased a new coat in years so I'm glad that I was able to pick one up for so cheap.

Here are also some recent makeup looks I did in the last few weeks and an OOTD (since I haven't posted one of those in a while because my outfits are hella boring):
I should really clean my mirror lmfao I'm so lazy ;___;
And a bonus of me wearing the pervert jersey in my other post:
I also received some Valentines the other day! I was very surprised. Thank you so much to whoever sent them in, it really made my week ^___^
Anyways, that wraps up this post. Sorry it ended up so long (and was probably a lot less interesting than my other posts haha). I'll see you guys again soon though! Take care <3
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