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Monday, October 20, 2014

6KS.com Review

Hi again my lovelies! I hope all of you had a great weekend. Today I finally got my package from 6KS. I saw Pastelbat's outfit post and I fell in love with the pervert jersey t-shirt she had on in the 5th coordinate. I decided to order it for myself after seeing how cheap it was on the site! You can find it here for $16.99.

Side note: this is not a sponsored review. It was my first time ordering from this site and I just wanted to share my experience with you in case you were also interested in ordering from them.
I have to say I'm quite pleased with the quality of the product. I thought the shirt itself (fabric) would be kind of cheap but it's actually quite nice! I'll have to flip the shirt inside out to wash and hang dry it though because I think the graphics will crack and wash off in the machine ;___;
Okay, on to the review! This might get a little ranty, so I apologize ahead of time if I start to ramble.

I placed my order on September 6th. I went through the whole process online and paid with Paypal. I didn't make an account on the site because they gave me the option to checkout without signing up. I didn't wasn't sure if I would shop there again so I decided to not make an account.

After I checked out, I waited for the confirmation email/receipt. Anyone who has ever ordered anything online knows that most sites pretty much instantly email you this stuff after you've completed the transaction. I got nothing.

I waited an hour and still no confirmation email so I got a bit concerned. I checked my Paypal and it noted the transaction, but I didn't get a receipt from the website. So I decided to email them and ask what was up. At this time I also made an account on their site just to speed things up if they were to ask me for one.
On September 8th I receive a reply from someone named Lena. She apologized for the delay and explained they had a long weekend for the mid-autumn festival. She then asked me to reply with the Paypal transaction ID, and I did.

The next day she emails me back with my order number and told me it takes about 5 days to process an order before they ship it. She said, "Once we ship your package we'll inform you by email" and then asked me to confirm my address (I did immediately).
9 days later, September 17th rolls around and I get fed up waiting for them. I send them another email asking about my order and the shipping status.

I get a response within a few hours stating:
Dear Customer,
Thank you for your valued email.Your order is ready,we will ship it today.And you will get your order tracking number within 48 hours.
Fine. Whatever.
Another 5 days later (September 22nd), I'm starting to get kind of pissed LOL. They still haven't emailed me a tracking number, so I email them again.

They reply the next day with:
Dear Customer,
Thank you for your valued email.Your package was sent back to us from the courier company.We will reship it tomorrow.Million sorry for this issue.
Are you kidding me? There's a delay/issue with my package and you can't be bothered to tell me? I honestly could care less about the delay, I'm just pissed they decided I didn't need to know about anything. At this point I've been waiting for a tracking number for more than 2 weeks without an explanation and that's just unacceptable.
4 days after this (September 27th), I email them yet again because they still haven't sent me a tracking number or update on my order status. I'm basically fuming over this stupid t-shirt =___=;;

Finally they email me back with a tracking number and a site. Fast forward to today, it is October 20th. It literally took them a month and a half to send me a t-shirt lol. In the end, I'm not unhappy with my purchase but their customer service needs some serious help. I would have basically been left in the dark all this time if I had not taken the time to follow up with them.

Although the overall process was frustrating, I'm not completely put off from ordering off their site again because the product quality is actually not that bad. I probably won't order from them for a while though.
Overall Site Rating: 3.5/5
I hope you guys found this helpful! If you guys had a different experience with this site, let me know! Maybe I just picked to order at a busy time haha~ Catch you later!
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