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Wednesday, March 26, 2014

[Sponsored] Born Pretty Store - 10 Pattern False Lower Lashes Review

Hello again! In this post I'll be reviewing the 10 Pattern False Lower Lashes that were sponsored to me by Born Pretty Store. Don't forget, you can use the coupon code CHUH10 for 10% off your purchase on their site~
For this post I'm using the lashes at the very bottom of the box. I tried using the 4th pair down from the top, but they didn't go well with my look that day.
Design ♥♥♥♥♥
There's definitely a lot of variety in these lashes. There aren't any two that are the same so it's a really good deal for people who are looking to try out different lower lash styles, especially if you haven't found one you like~ The ones I'm wearing here give a nice dolly look without looking to heavy, despite the thick pieces.

Comfort ♥♥♥♥
These were very comfortable to wear. The band is thin but sturdy and were very easy to apply. I didn't feel them poking at me or anything at all while I had them on.

Durability ♥♥♥
I think these lashes are pretty good in the durability department, however you will notice the band getting more limp after 3+ uses. I advice you to be pretty gentle when cleaning these or they might fall apart at that point.

Overall Rating 
These lashes are absolutely gorgeous! The quality is surprisingly good for something so cheap and the amount of variety you get is amazing. I highly recommend you check these out, especially if you're still in the market for go-to lower lashes or if you want to try out different styles without the commitment of a full box.
That's all for this post. Be sure to check out Born Pretty Store when you get the chance! Use the coupon code CHUH10 for 10% off your purchase. If at least 10 people use that code, BPS will sponsor a giveaway for this blog! <3

Thank you again Born Pretty Store for giving me the opportunity to work with you! I look forward to any future collaborations you might have in mind ^__^

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