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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Late Post: Christmas and New Year's 2013 [picture heavy]

Hey guys! Just a quick update on the situation mentioned in my previous post before we get started (you can skip to the next paragraph if you don't care); I found a few potential new homes for Koji so we won't have to get rid of him forever. (details at the end of the post) Phew! My mom has been discharged from the hospital and we are all working together to get back to normal. I also started school again so that's really helped occupy my mind.

So as the title suggest, this will be a late post about my Christmas and New Year's celebration. This year was rather quiet because of recent happenings, but it turned out a lot better than I anticipated.
For Christmas, I had a small dinner with my sister, my boyfriend, and his family. We had lots of good food and talked a lot about my situation. It was really nice, and his parents were very kind to us.

On the weekend after Christmas I had a potluck with my friends. We made gingerbread houses and some other rather inappropriate gingerbread goods LOL.

Yes, that is a gingerbread man part.
All the yummy food! I made the roast veggies~
My makeup and my comfy outfit for the night:
My sweetiepie <3
Getting my drank on :<
Skirt&Sweater&Necklace: Forever21/Tights: Offbrand
My uncle from Toronto visited us this year so we had a big family dinner. I was really happy because I absolutely adore my dad's side of the family, so it was nice to see everyone again. I mostly see them at holiday dinners but really no more than twice a year since everyone's always so busy ;^;

I went out once with just my uncle and grandma, then once with the whole family. So here are photos from both days:
Look for the first night
My look for dinner with everyone~
Closeup after dinner
Tried doing nail extensions for the first time!
For NYE I decided to stay casual. I was so tired from partying and cleaning my house that I just wanted to relax. I spent it with my close friends and we played video games all night. We counted down together and had a wonderful time.
That pretty much wraps up my holiday. Now I'm back at school and frantically packing/cleaning. I'm going to be back at work again next week too so that will make life even more stressful. Hopefully the move will be smooth and we'll have little to worry about. We still need to furniture shop and pack our essentials, but all the small stuff like shoes and kitchen appliances are ready to go!

My cousin's wife's mom has agreed to take Koji until mid-March so I won't have to worry about him for a bit. She's a huge dog lover and has 2 of her own. I think he'll get some good disciplining from her as well as better social skills from the other dogs. The move is stressful for all of us but I hope that he can tough it out with me. I'll be visiting him as much as I can and hopefully we'll ride this out. My mom wants to ask the landlady if we can keep him after we've settled down but I think it's better if I just move out with him.

I think that as long as her relatives are in the picture I'll have a tough time keeping Koji. My best option is to move out on my own as soon as humanly possible and go from there. Luckily I have lots of friends wanting to move out as well and would love to have me and Koji so maybe it won't be as hard as moving on my own. But we'll cross that bridge when we get to it I suppose.
Anyways, this post ended up way longer than I expected! (Oops, sorry for the rambling!) I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are enjoying the new year. I've got some exciting posts coming up so I'll try my best to get those out! xoxo
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