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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Good Food, New Inspiration & Gets

Hello my lovelies! Recently the weather's been gorgeous so I spent the day downtown with my boyfriend and Branden yesterday. We had lots of good food and I even got a new mouse! My mom's friend sent me a giftcard for my birthday so I picked up a few thing from Forever21 too. Also I will be including some of my favorite/inspirational pictures of Sayoko Ozaki from the newest Happie Nuts~

Another note, I'm running out of my disposable lenses and I was in a rush so there won't be an outfit/makeup shot in this post (sorry!). I'll be getting new lenses soon though, so that's something to look forward to.
We arrived downtown at about 4 in the afternoon and went straight for this new poutine joint that opened up recently. It's called Smoke's Poutinerie and it had lots of different flavored poutines!

If you don't know what a poutine is, it's basically fries with gravy and cheese. This food dish has become so popular that people have started making different flavors and adding many kinds of toppings such as bacon and guacamole!

I ordered the double pork poutine which has bacon, pulled pork, cheese and gravy. It was super yummy! Patrick got the nacho one, which is basically all the nacho toppings on top of a poutine and Branden got one called the "rainbow". It had one stripe of guacamole in the middle, one stripe of sriracha on either side of that and then a stripe of cheese sauce on both edges. It sounded really strange at first but the flavors were not bad together. I think it was really unique and creative~

The restaurant was pretty small but it wasn't cramped. The food was not too expensive and we got served really fast. I would definitely go back there again just to try the other flavors!
Some funny pictures they have inside. I think
that's supposed to be their mascot person thingy.
Next we walked around Futureshop where Branden bought me a new mouse as a late birthday present. He said that he wanted this mouse too when he needed one and that it was good. He got it priced matched so instead of paying around $115 he only paid around $60!
It fits my hand pretty well and the best thing about it is that it can be both wireless or wired! Also there's a bunch of macro keys on the side so that's cool. (now I can spam pings/taunts/laughs like a true troll. huehue)
After that we went to H-Mart which is a Korean grocery store chain. We walked around and checked out all the deals they had and bought some popsicles. We sat downstairs and ate our popsicles while watching people pass by and reading the free newspapers they had lying around.
This is my favorite popsicle ever! It's called Melona and it's really tasty. It's a honeydew flavor and the texture is similar to ice cream~ I really want to try the other flavors too but I always just end up getting this one because it's my favorite >w<;;
We walked around some more and Branden said he wanted to have Japadogs. They're hotdogs with a Japanese twist! I think they're only in Vancouver, so if you're ever in the area you should definitely give them a try. They're absolutely delicious. We both got the terimayo japadog which is their standard one. It comes with teriyaki sauce, mayo, seaweed, and fried onions~
After we finished we decided to head home because it was starting to get a bit chilly and we didn't bring our coats. I had lots of fun, but I was really stuffed when I got home haha. I don't think I've ever eaten so much in one day. It was really yummy though, but I don't think I could eat like that all the time (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ
I started reading Japanese fashion magazines online recently and decided to save some inspirational pictures for the spring! I've been really liking Sayoko Ozaki as she is just stunning. I like her style a lot and she always looks flawless.
I'm thinking of getting some pale golden/yellow lenses in the future because of how nicely Sayoko wears them. I never thought I'd ever get lenses in that color, but who knows, maybe I'll love them!
Finally, I picked up a few things from Forever21 with my giftcard. I have a few outfits in mind for this shirt already but I won't spoil it for you. You'll just have to wait and see! It looks black and white but it's really a dark blue and white.
I grabbed two necklaces as well. I love peter pan collars and have been dying to get a good necklace of it, so I was super happy when I found this one. It's the perfect size and the detailing is not too flashy as some of the Forever21 jewelry can be.
If you didn't know, I absolutely adore crosses! You wouldn't believe how excited I was when I unboxed this bad boy. I put one on hold but decided not to get it, however my giftcard came a few days later and I decided, why not?
Phew, that was longer than expected! Thank you so much for reading. I'll see you guys in my next post. Have a great week and Happy Easter! ヾ(@^▽^@)ノ

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

♡♢♢ My journey so far ♢♢♡

Hello everyone! How's it going? I haven't updated in a while now, sorry about that >3<;; I finally got a little break from work and stuff so I decided to have some "me" time and climb the elo ladder on League of Legends. (Super happy I made it to gold V. Now all I have to do is make the climb to plat QQ)
Anyways, I was reading up on other blogs and I came across Lizzie's Gyaru Improvement meme and I thought I'd give it a go. I never really look back at old pictures of myself much, so this was really fun to do. I think I've changed a bit since I first started this style and I'm really happy to see the growth, even if it's just a tiny bit. My first attempt for Gyaru was in May 2012, so that's where this meme will begin~
May 2012: I made my first attempt and I was inspired by Okarie's simple make. This was my first time using false lower lashes ^__^;;

June 2012: I couldn't get the hang of lower lashes so I tried just using a shadow for definition and lining just the center of my lower lash line with liner

July 2012: Decided that it wasn't the application of lower lashes that I didn't like, rather it was the style of lashes. I made my own lashes by cutting ones that were too long and gluing the extra bits to the outer corner for more volume at the ends.

August 2012: I got a little crazy with smoking out my eyeshadow lol. During this time I really liked winging my liner lower and making a rounder eye look. Finally got a hang of lower lashes.

September - October 2012: I made very little effort to doll up because of school taking up my time. I also toned down my makeup to make it more wearable. I absolutely hated it.

November 2012: I stopped wearing circle lenses after visiting the eye doctor. She said I needed to give my eyes a break or else I would damage them forever. She prescribed me color lenses that were made of a better material so that I could still have lenses. I started using Diamond Lash/longer upper lashes for a more elongated eye.

December 2012: I didn't do any gal makeup or any makeup really during this month because I got an eye infection. I did however start to get into making better outfits such as my first MA*RS getup you see here.

January 2013: I got new circle lenses (but so far I've only worn them twice). Nothing's really too different. I started to pay more attention to my brows.

February 2013: Went back to using my prescribed lenses. Using less shadow on my lower lash line now.

March 2013: Started drawing a 'point' in the inner corner to define my eyes.
Looking back I really do see a bit of progress. I liked my July look a lot actually haha. I'm not sure if I'm loving my makeup direction right now, but I'll definitely try to improve more. Hopefully the weather will lighten up here and I can get some nice outfits going! I also just placed a huge Taobao haul so I'm super excited for that.

Thank you so much for reading guys! Don't forget to check out Lizzie's Blog and try the meme out for yourself~ 

Friday, March 22, 2013

♚ Birthday Festivities [Photo Heavy] ♚

Hello again everyone! How are you all doing? I've had quite an exciting weekend and now, before I know it, a new weekend is just around the corner!

On the 16th I had an early birthday party with my friends at Posh and then we went for karaoke afterwards (my actual birthday is the 20th). Before that though, I went to this event at AI and was able to get my student ID and unofficial schedule for my first term.

I'm still really nervous about starting at a new school and not knowing anyone there. Actually the event I went to was supposed to be for us to get to know other people in our program but it turns out everyone who went is starting at a different time and in different programs LOL fail. There ended up being only 2 students who were actually going to be classmates.
I asked everyone to dress up semi-formal for a change cause we always do casual things. I thought for my 21st birthday we could do something a little more special~ This next part will just be a bit of a photo dump!
This was our first round of meat haha...
we're such fatties >__<
Bubble bubble~
My favorite Korean, Taewoo! Also
Tes' arm and Alex in the corner.
Picture fail. My friend Royal was trying to gesture to the
hotpot but was wayyyyyyy off. 
All those handsome smiles!
All that flavor
It took us forever to get a perfect group photo LOL
Thanks Tes. (she doesn't like to be in photos so she
volunteered to be the photographer)
Les and Alex being silly
I made a face and ruined the picture :(
An inside joke. We're looking at "richer things"
My favorite picture of Les! 
Branden trying to avoid a photo lol
Me and my Hubby ~
Here are the presents I got. It wasn't a lot of stuff, but they mean a lot to me!
Warblers CD from Royal because he
knows I adore them!
Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer from Steven
It's so pretty~ My fave bronzer! I have a small
size of this in an old palette but I love this stuff!
Sephora giftcard from Alex. I love
his home made lemongrab card the most!
Yummy treat from Francis!
Tiramisu! This one was my favorite
The left one is citrus-y and the right
one was chocolate mousse with
some fermented cherries (?).
I had so much fun, and the food was super yummy. I was very excited that I got to wear my new mint polka dot dress too!
Dress: Forever21/Cardigan&Belt: AFW/Shoes: Payless
And of course, some makeup shots!
I've been really liking my brows recently.
We're almost done! I just wanted to also share with you some things I got at Daiso and my outfit for my birthday when I had work~ Too lazy to make a separate post lol. Sorry XD
I picked up a new water bottle so that I could start ditching my sugar filled ice teas and sodas. I also picked up these cute floral tissues and a little box for my cotton pads!

Next up, my outfit and makeup!
Cardigan: AWF/Shoes: Forever21/Tank&Jeans: Offbrand
I got to be on the cash register because it was my birthday (it's my favorite thing to do at work besides being in the fitting room lol). My manager and coworkers even sang happy birthday for me! ^__^ It was all very nice, even though I had to work it was still fun!
Before work!
After work haha.
Phew! That was quite a long post. I think it might be the longest one I've put out haha. Anyways, thank you so much for sticking by until the end. I'll talk to you later! Bye 
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