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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

'Tis the Season: OOTD #11 & #12

Hello again my lovely readers~ How have you all been doing? Lately I've been getting little to no sleep. I'm going to be finished my term in 2 weeks so right now all the time I have is used for crunching. If I'm not at school, I'm at work and I just feel super burnt out ;^;
With the little free time I had, I helped my boyfriend set up the Christmas tree at his house~ It's so pretty when it's all lit up *^* Seriously, Christmas has to be my most favorite holiday!
I've also been really getting into sweater coordinates. It got really cold here recently so everyone's started to bundle up. My gripe with sweaters is that you can often look very frumpy. A way to combat this is to mix and match different fabric textures! I'm really loving the pleather/plastic skirt and sweater combo for this:
Photo not mine, taken from LookBook
(I just noticed I had the same sweater as her lol)
Dress&Sweater: Forever21/Shoes&Socks&Scarf: Offbrand
I don't own any skirts like that so I tried to cut up the textures by wearing pleather boots and a more tight fitting dress. Anyway, here's my makeup for that day
I've also been practicing more with brows and contouring when I do my makeup. The face palette I got from Christina's giveaway has really been helping me with this.
Please don't mind the horrible lash placement.
This was taken after work ;^;
I also went out for dinner with my boyfriend two nights ago. We went to Cardero's, which is near the harbor. It was a small Christmas dinner with some of his co-workers and their significant others. I thought I was going to be a simple dinner, but it turns out that one of his co-workers was proposing that night! Patrick was asked to help with the preparations, so he went and bought flowers as well as speak with the restaurant staff to ensure that everything went as planned.

All the guests arrived early and we went over the plan together. We were supposed to hide in a back room somewhere. Each of us had a rose and we were to walk out and give it to the lucky girl before we sat down. After all of us had gone, the man of the hour would walk in with a giant bouquet of roses and of course, pop the question! (She said yes of course!) It was really a surreal experience to be a part of such a special moment in someone else's life.

The dinner was really nice, unfortunately it was too dim for me to snap photos, and I didn't want to do any flash photography at the table (since I didn't know many people there and my boyfriend said to let this one go :<). But the food was amazing! We even got free champagne from the restaurant to toast the new couple haha~

Here's my outfit and makeup for the night. Sorry for the dirty mirror! I tried cleaning it but the little flecks just won't budge. I think I'll be buying a new mirror for my room in the new year, as well as a desk so I can move my new computer in (my boyfriend built it specially for me! I'll post pictures when I move it into my room~).
Dress: MA*RS/Belt: MA*RS replica/
Tights: DreamV/ Jewelry& Shoes: Forever21
Finally my last bit of exciting news... it snowed! I was very surprised when I left for school this morning. I almost slipped and fell like 4 times on my way to the bus >__<;;
And that's all for this post! I hope to be updating more in the next few weeks after my school ends. I'm going to be working quite often though since it's the holiday season, but I'll try to squeeze out my other posts I've prepared when I have a little bit of free time like I did tonight.

Thank you all for stopping by! I'll see you again soon~
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