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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

♛ 2013 Gal Re-Cap ♛

Hello lovelies! It's that time of year again where I dig up old photos of myself and stick them in this nifty meme that Lizzie was kind enough to share with us ♥ You can see my first meme on this post. Last year I started gal in May so and the post was made in March so there will be a little bit of an overlap~ >__<;;
*The first 3 months are copy pasta from my last post (except I changed January's picture thinking I didn't already do those months. Oops!):

January 2013: I got new circle lenses (but so far I've only worn them twice). Nothing's really too different. I started to pay more attention to my brows.

February 2013: Went back to using my prescribed lenses. Using less shadow on my lower lash line now.

March 2013: Started drawing a 'point' in the inner corner to define my eyes.

April 2013: Toyed around with light, minimal makeup. I didn't want to put too much stress on my eyes. Ditched the whole pointed inner corner thing because my eyes just aren't shaped for that shit.

May 2013: Trying out different eye shapes by manipulating the placement of lower lashes. Brought the lower lashes closer to the mid-point of my lower lash line.

June 2013: Finally got the hang of my brow makeup. I use a brow pencil to line the bottom edge (for shaping), then I fill in the entire brow with powder. I think it looks more natural this way~ I used to use only pencil to fill them in like a noob ;^;

July 2013: Not much done here, just playing with the lower lashes again.

August 2013: Went back to light makeup. Tried out that eye bag thing everyone was doing. Didn't really like it too much so I stopped.

September 2013: Lining the center of my lower lash line only and having my lower lashes start there. Started adding more eyeshadow on the lower lash line as well. Brows started to get sloppy :<

October 2013: Got interested in highlighting and contouring. I started contouring my nose a bit (very lightly, now that I look at the pictures lol). Refined my brow technique; I started using a nude concealer pencil to outline the brows, making it look a lot cleaner and defined.
November 2013: Tried to straighten out my brows and failed miserably. Arched brows for life I guess. Worked more on contouring but it's still too light. 

December 2013: Tried getting into smokey makeup again. Contouring is a little bit better I guess (at least you can see my nose has a shape now lmfao). Found new lower lashes that I liked, and of course working on that brow game because my brows are impossible.
For this year, I think I finally got a handle on changing my eye shape with lower lashes. I've definitely become more comfortable with using them! My favorite of the bunch are June and Sept-Nov. Looking back at last year's meme I think I've definitely changed a lot! I'm happy to say that I've actually grown a little ^__^;;

Well that's all for this post, I hope you enjoyed it! I'll catch you around later~
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