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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Seafood Birthday Bash & New Lens Sponsorship

Hello everyone~ How are you? Last weekend I went out to celebrate my friend Aspen's 21st birthday. We went to a restaurant called The Sandbar in Granville Island and then went to karaoke after. It was a small party with only 10 people but we had a lot of fun and the food was absolutely amazing!
We all ordered for ourselves but my friend Branden ordered lots of appetizers and a tower of seafood to share. Lots of them were very yummy but I didn't get a chance to take a picture because we were all so hungry~
Super yummy fish tacos! Sorry for the crappy
picture on this one, it was super dark and
I didn't have flash on >__<;;
My seared scallops
Seafood tower!
After dinner some of our friends left to go home. It was only 9PM so those of us who stayed decided to go out because it was so early still. We initially thought of going to a club but we couldn't decide so we ended up going to karaoke because it was cheaper.
With the birthday girl~
At karaoke!
Here was my outfit and makeup for the night. I wore my new flower dress and fuzzy cardigan ^__^
Cardigan: Urban Planet/Dress: Forever21/Shoes: Offbrand
For my makeup I tried to use those tricky lower lashes of mine again. This time instead of darkening my lower lash line too much, I kept it fairly light and stuck the lashes on very close to my lash line. I think it looks better this time because last time they looked way too long!
Also I have some exciting news! Maple Lens has kindly agreed to sponsor me a pair of lenses ^__^ You may have noticed that I've added their banner to my site. I've heard many good things about their company so please if you have the time, make sure to check them out! I asked them to send me a pair of green lenses because I have yet to try a green lens so I'm really excited for them to come in the mail. I won't say which pair just yet so you'll have to wait and see~

That's all for this post, thank you so much for reading! I'll talk to you again soon, bye bye~
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