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Sunday, August 4, 2013

Brunch, Musicals & Art

Hey guys! How have you been? I've been pretty busy as usual. I'm about to get into midterm week so I might not get to update other than my lens review. I'll try my best to push out as many posts as I can tonight so that I can just publish them later on in the week to come.

Last Sunday I went for brunch with my boyfriend, sister, and church friend. We went to this place called Merchant's Oyster Bar on Commercial Drive. It's a very small little cafe that serves mostly seafood. It was really nice and sunny and because the restaurant was full we sat outside on the patio~
Patrick's lobster bennie~ <3
Was super yummy!!
My mini steak with poached eggs and hash~

I also went to see a musical called AvenueQ at Granville Island the other week with my friends. Unfortunately they didn't allow photography during the show so I have no pictures of it to share with you guys. It was really funny and I really enjoyed it. You can youtube their songs though! Here are some of my favorite ones:

After the musical we walked around the island and went for dinner at one of my favorite sushi places. It's called Sushiholic and it's very close to home! I ordered my favorite roll from there, the red dragon roll~
Here's my outfit and makeup for the day. Pardon my hair, I had just gotten out of the shower~
Everything is from Forever21~
Finally I just wanted to share a spaceship I made for my 3D modelling class. I'm so proud of myself ;___; I didn't think I could ever make something like this. It just made me feel like my dream of working in the industry was that much closer.
That's everything I wanted to share in this post! Thank you for reading ^__^ 

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