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Thursday, July 11, 2013

OOTD #9 & Special News

Hey guys! Today I wanted to share a quick OOTD and special news with you. I wore this outfit yesterday on my first day back to school. It was quite warm and I was just itching to wear thigh high socks for some reason (not sure why).
Shoes&Necklace&Tops: Forever21/Shorts: Offbrand
I was going for something casual but with a little bit of a sporty feel. I liked how it turned out as it was very comfortable ^__^;; My classes have been good so far. I have a few of the same teachers I had last quarter, and my new teachers are very nice as well. I think the topics I have this term are quite interesting so I'm very excited for things to get rolling.
Moving onto what I really want to talk about most... I got my first circle lens sponsorship! I couldn't believe it when I saw the email in my inbox today. I'm so excited. I already placed my order and I'm just waiting for them to confirm it~ I won't say much because I want it to be a surprise! (*´・v・)

That's about it for what I wanted to share in this post. I also have another announcement coming up, but I won't go into details because that post is probably going to be very long on its own anyways. I actually feel kind of bad keeping so many surprises from you guys, but how else will I keep you guys on the edges of your seats? ヽ(;▽;)ノ

Also, please look forward to my next post. It will be about my meetup with Catherine ^__^
Anyways, thank you for reading. This whole sponsorship thing really wouldn't have worked out if it wasn't for your support in keeping me updating and whatnot so thank you guys. Really, you guys rock my world (*^▽^*)
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