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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Canada Day Celebrations

Hey guys how are you? Yesterday I celebrated Canada Day with my family and boyfriend. It was super hot out but I managed to squeeze in 2 ootd's and some melt-proof makeup so I'm excited to share that with you!
My mom, sister and I left the house at 12-ish to meet with my aunt Yaya (who you might remember from this post). She had just come back from HK with some things my mom asked her to buy and since everyone was free we decided to have lunch together. We went to a place called DeDutch and they served breakfast Dutch style, which was interesting. I liked it but I think it was a little expensive for breakfast food(@´_`@)

Of course my aunt also had a lot of clothes sitting around from her trip and from her old stock so she gave me a bag full of cute goodies. There's too many to take pictures of but two of my favorite items are this t-shirt and dress.

She also gave me a box of natural eyelashes she bought while she was in HK. They're very lightweight and almost too natural so I paired them up with a few other lashes I don't usually wear and they ended up looking pretty nice (I'll show you in another post)!
After that we went to Steveston for the Canada Day festivities. It was suuuuuuper hot out so after walking for a while we took cover at a very busy but air-conditioned Starbucks (〃 ̄ω ̄〃ゞ

This is what I wore to see my aunt Yaya. I finally got a chance to sport this Liz Lisa dress but dang it was just too hot out (I think it was around 32°C) so I had to change into something else when I got home.
Dress: Liz Lisa/Cardigan: DreamV/Shoes: Offbrand
I took a shower and changed into something else and put my hair up since it's so long it's almost like I was wearing a scarf outside QQ. I also redid my makeup since I was practically melting in the sun.
Cardigan: Urban Behavior/Dress: From Yaya (Forever21)/
Belt: AFW/Bag: Liz Lisa (taobao)/Shoes: Offbrand
My makeup for the night. Had to break out the mineral
powder so I didn't turn into a shine ball >__<;;
My boyfriend made dinner reservations at this restaurant called Fishworks. It's in Lonsdale near the water so after we finished eating we could see the fireworks. Everything was just perfect, the food and the service were impeccable. I hope we'll go back again sometime.
Oysters! They were super yummy
My prawn carbonara~
We were done at around 9 then we went out to go find a spot for the fireworks which started at 10:30. We thought there would be a lot of people like there always were downtown when there were fireworks but actually it wasn't that bad! We found a spot quite easily and we didn't have to camp out for it so we'll be going the for fireworks from now on. A random girl also walked up to me an told me a looked stunning (which never happens to me so I was pretty shocked).
Beautiful Vancouver <3
The fireworks were really pretty but it was hard to get any pictures (╯_╰) sorry! The show ended at around 10:50 or so and my boyfriend and I raced to get out before the traffic was terrible. 

Once I got home I did some obligatory cam ho-ing cause I liked my makeup a lot!
derp smile lol
Thanks so much for reading. I hope you all had a great Canada Day/weekend too! Also don't forget to follow me on Bloglovin'~ See you!

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