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Thursday, June 6, 2013

★ Exciting News, Hats Off Day & More Night Market Fun! ★

Hey guys, I'm super excited and happy today because yesterday I got some emails from my school saying I won 2 scholarships ($6200 in total)!! I never ever win stuff like this so I was super happy because that means I don't have to pay so much tuition~
Last Saturday was Hats Off Day which is a little festival event where they close down one of the main streets and everyone just comes out to have fun. There's a parade in the morning around 8AM but I had class (plus that's too damn early for a parade man) so I didn't go. The stores on that streets are usually open and give away free things or sell very cheap food. There's always lots to see like dancing, singing performances, car shows, etc. I didn't take photos because I had Koji with me and he was a handful, but I managed to take 1 picture of this band of students:
I also went to the night market again with my boyfriend. We went to the other one this time, it's by the River Rock Casino in Richmond. We had lots of good food and I got a new phone case too! I wore my new lenses that day and I love them so much. They're the most comfortable lenses I've ever worn so far~ I'll review them soon I promise!
All the lobsters!
My boyfriend had the lobster & mushrooms
It was pretty yummy~
I got a bulgogi salad. It was good
but really salty because she used
too much soy sauce! :<
Giant takoyaki ball~
Squid! :3
Lady making our crepe
This guy made crepes like a pro
Hamster balls with kids inside lol
My new phone case!
I noticed the guy parked next to us had his
license plate all taped up LOL
Afterwards we were in the mood for ice cream. My boyfriend took me to this place called La Casa Gelato. It's famous for having over 500 flavors of gelato! We sampled the spicy mango and kimchi gelato flavors for fun but they were really nasty lol. We ended up getting two flavors to share: green tea and death by mango.
Some of the many flavors~
Our yummy gelato!
Of course this post wouldn't be complete without some shameless camwhoring!
Someone's camera shy
My makeup for the day with my new lenses!
Love these lenses ^o^
That's all for now! Thank you for reading~ I'll see you all soon ❤❤❤❤❤

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