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Sunday, May 12, 2013

♡ Something New ♡

Hello again~ On Wednesday I went out for dinner with some of my family because one of my cousins will be moving away to China for 2 years. We decided to have a farewell dinner and we went to The Keg in Richmond.
Our family picture of the night. My cousin that's going away is the second person on the right, behind my uncle. The lighting was very dim so our pictures were all very unclear >o<;;
My steak!
Scallops wrapped in bacon!
I would have worn a more gal outfit but I hate doing so for family gatherings. Not that it really matters if my family has an opinion on the way I present myself but I just didn't want to deal with it that night. It was midterm week and I was really tired, I just wanted a nice dinner. Of course I still got the "wtf happened to your eye" comments, but I just ignored them and ate my food. Honestly if they're not willing to be open minded or even mind their own business (because the way I dress/do my makeup is not their concern) then I don't have to tolerate them right? Ugh, sorry for the rant.

Also my makeup was a mess cause I had to do it in the car =___=;;

ANYWAYS. Here's a little picture dump.
Dress&Necklace: Forever21/
Cardigan: AFW/Shoes: Payless
Thanks for reading!
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