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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Random gets, Friends & Good Food! ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

Hello again everyone! I seem to have neglected this blog again. Time sure flies when you're buried in schoolwork >n<;; This will be a bit of an update post on what I've been doing while I was gone.

April 24th

I got my taobao haul in on this day, but before I was home to open the package I went out for AYCE fish and chips with my friends. It was a really nice day out and it was the first day my boyfriend got his car~ We went to this place called Cockney Kings Fish 'n Chips in Kensington Square and it was super yummy and only costed $9.50! 

The decorations were very British. I liked the little placemats that we got, they had the children's menu on the back with some activities like a word search. While waiting for the rest of our friends to show up, Branden, my boyfriend and I solved all the activities haha.
The activity menu haha.
Some of the interesting decorations
This was right behind us~
My yummy fish & chips!

May 3rd

Then nothing really happened during the week until Friday, May 3rd. Some friends, my boyfriend and I were hanging out and we decided to visit this new place that opened up in our neighborhood. It's called Glenburn Soda Fountain & Confectionery. It's a retro diner-like shop that sells ice cream, milkshakes candy and all that fun stuff. It was a really cool experience and I definitely want to go again!
The candy shelves~
So many people!
The main menu
They had some sodas on sale too
There was no room at the main counter or tables to sit at so we had to eat here on this table. Those are bottles of lemonade mix made with real lemons! I wanted to try it but maybe next time ^__^;;
Ice cream menu
This was my ice cream! I ordered a small pineapple sundae and it was sooooo yummy! There's fresh pineapple chunks in there and the ice cream tasted so good. It's vanilla but I think it's specially made so it tastes quite different from store bought vanilla. I felt like I went to heaven *A*
My boyfriend's strawberry sundae. We were supposed to share but I don't like strawberry sundaes and he doesn't like pineapple haha. His tasted very sweet but mine was more fresh. It wasn't bad though~
As we were leaving we looked at the bookstore next door. There was this big fat cat in the window and we thought it was fake, but then it moved! We were all very surprised and we took a picture of it as it went back to sleep. It's so weird that someone would just stick a fat cat in the window of the store, especially since the store was closed.

May 5th

It was super nice out and after church I went to lunch at the Lonsdale Quay Market with some friends and my sister. We had some gift cards for this place called East Side Mario's Restaurant & Lounge. It's a cute little Italian place with an outdoor patio facing the water!
 Here's the view from where we were sitting. You can see all of downtown! The picture isn't as good as the view itself~
My food~ I ordered a scallop carbonara. It had bacon and scallops and it was just so yummy!
Afterwards when we went downstairs there were these setups for the Pepsi vs. Coke taste test challenge. I didn't do it because I don't drink the diet version of either drinks but my friends did the test and they all chose Coke! The lady wasn't very happy but that's just how things are sometimes. There was one girl who picked Pepsi and she got a free can of diet Pepsi.
I took a picture of this lady who was taking a group photo of her friends. It was funny because this is totally what my mom would do! They even have the same iPad case, just in different colors LOL.
Lastly, I know I haven't been updating with outfits or makeup shots and I feel really bad about that. I would love to doll up more but I don't really go out too much and when I do I get super lazy, which is terrible of me. I'm also running low on my disposable contacts, which means I have to make those doll up occasions count! I'm getting a new pair of circle lenses in soon so I'll be able to doll up more when I get those. I currently have that brown pair but they have no prescription so I don't like to wear them much. 

I also got a new pair of shoes from JustFab. I forgot to skip the month so I had to spend the credit before I terminated my account. I picked out these sandals because they're perfect for summer! I also got this new Mickey Mouse jacket from my cousin.
Also Koji has been doing great. He's been really active lately and because the weather's so nice he gets to go out on walks more often. I taught him how to sit and go up and down stairs. He's been really good but sometimes he throws tantrums and makes a mess of things so my mom bought a huge dog cage to put him in when he's being bad. After a few minutes he'll calm down and then we can let him out to play again.
You can see he tore up his litter pad in a fit. This is how he looked when I asked if he was going to be good haha. I don't like putting him in the cage because I think he should run free in the house. My mom says we have to keep him in there because he's still young and chews on everything. We have a lot of cables and extension cords around the house and we don't want him to get to those so we'll wait until he's done teething to let him run around the house unsupervised.
Thank you for reading! I'm sorry this post ended up so long. I'll be having dinner with my cousin (the one who gave me the jacket) tonight as she's leaving for Hong Kong. She won't be back for a while so we're going to say goodbye to her tonight. I'll doll up for sure so please stay tuned for that makeup and outfit post!

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