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Saturday, April 6, 2013

♛ My Little Prince: Koji ♛

Hey guys, today I have some exciting news for you. Sorry if this becomes too long, it's going to be a personal post so you can skip it if you're not interested in such topics.

After Cupcake passed away I was really sad and didn't really handle it too well for the first few weeks. Now that a little time has passed I feel like I can love a pet again. I know it seems a bit soon to some, but I have my reasons. I still love Cupcake and think about her every day, but I don't think she'd want me to be unhappy forever.
I walked around the mall with my mom on Friday after my orthodontist appointment. We had some time to kill because we had another appointment just after. We went to the pet store and looked at all the animals, and she jokingly encouraged me to ask for the prices of the puppies. Needless to say they were all very expensive (around the $3000 mark) and we were on our way.

My mom said that my cousin got her dog for around $800 from a breeder so I should look online to find a cheaper price. I took it as a fun challenge and looked up all the breeds of dog that I wanted. I've always loved Shiba Inus and American Eskimo dogs, especially when they're mixed together (called an Imo-Inu). However just like Cupcake, they are a rare/uncommon breed so finding them at a reasonable price was hard.

I don't know how it happened, but with a stroke of luck I came across a posting on kijiji that was put up a few hours before I got home. It was for the cutest Mini American Eskimo dog ever and he had everything I was looking for in a dog. I called up the owner and scheduled to see the dog, without really any intention of buying him. My mom took me downtown and when I saw him I instantly fell in love.

The girl texted me afterwards, telling me she and her boyfriend felt we were the best people to have approached them. They wanted to give their dog away to a caring family and we were the ones who stood out the most to them. Since then I was determined to take him home with me.
After thinking every single problem and possibility through, I went ahead and approached my landlord & landlady about having a dog. We chatted for a bit and in the end, they told be they didn't have a problem with it at all! They understood the feeling of losing a pet (their cat died before Cupcake did) so they sympathized with me. The told me that having a dog was very rewarding for them, although there was a lot of hard work involved in taking care of it. I was thrilled.

I called up the girl to let her know the good news and I'm picking him up tonight!!! The funny thing is, this is the exact feeling of excitement and happiness I felt the night I took Cupcake home. Also just like in Cupcake's case, I had already picked out a name before even meeting him haha. I named him Koji because it's the first name that came to me. It seemed fitting, especially after I looked it up: KOJI (光司): Japanese name meaning “light/shining second (child).”
Anyways, here's a picture of my sweet little baby Koji (from the listing). He is a 10 week old Mini American Eskimo dog and I love him to bits already.
Thank you for reading! I'm sorry it was such a huge wall of text. I'm just really excited right now. I'll post more pictures later ^____^
Strawberry On Top Of Cupcake