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Monday, April 8, 2013

First day of School ft. Koji picspam

Hey guys! I started art school today and it was... way more hectic than it should have been haha. My day started out with Koji crying for attention. He was barking late at night and woke us all up because he wanted to play >___<;; Too bad I woke up 15 minutes late and had no time to play with him before I left. He had thrown a fit and made a big mess with his droppings. I had to get my sister to clean it or I would miss my bus. I felt bad because he would be alone until she got home at 3 so I left the radio on for him.
I rushed out and just caught the bus, although unfortunately for me I missed the skytrain (d'oh!). I ate my breakfast (energy bar) while I waited for the skytrain and just barely made it on time for class. My first class was "Introduction to Computer Systems." We basically talked about technological history and how a computer works. I had a really hard time staying awake but my teacher was very nice and energetic so I was able to stay focused. We had a 25 minute break after the first hour or so and that was enough for me to have a drink and wake up a little. That class was pretty boring, but it's a very straightforward class. I don't think I'll have trouble with it. My classmates are very nice too, but they're mostly guys. I guess it's expected though. It doesn't bother me much because I can still have a good conversation with them.
After my first class I had a one hour break but I had to go to a seminar. My school set up 10 seminars/talks for all the new students and it's mandatory to go to 5 of them. I picked out my 5 and the first one I picked happened to be today. It was about how to be successful and achieve goals. Simple stuff. When that was over I made my way to my second class which was "The History of Video Games." My teacher didn't show up to class because he was sick or something, so the dean of the school actually came in to teach. We were doing self introductions and 20 minutes into the class we had a power outage! It took us all by surprise but in no time everyone had whipped out their phones to light up the room XD

When the power came back on we just had a discussion on games and everything related. It was really fun! I think I'll enjoy this class, however I did read through the course outline and the homework looks to be very time consuming.
That was my first day at school. It was really long but I'm glad I had so many breaks in between. I rushed home to see Koji and he had made a mess again. It was annoying to clean but I can't stay mad at him. Also we found out he's really good in front of a camera so we took a lot of photos of him already!
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