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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

☠ New Hair ☠

Hello sweeties! I bet you're all anxious to see my new hair~ Unfortunately my hair stylist didn't want to bleach my hair for the purple because it would be too damaging for my hair, so we decided to do red instead. She also didn't have enough color for the length of ombre I wanted to do so I settled for red peek-a-boos. I was pretty disappointed to not get the purple, but lately I've seen a lot of people getting it so maybe it's for the better. I always liked to be a little different lol.
First I'll show off my cut which was the day after my last post (Saturday). If you follow me on instagram then you'll have seen this already. Please don't mind the before photo, I didn't wash my hair before I went so it looks really nasty lol.
Before the cut. Excuse my dirty mirror .__.
And here's the cut! The weather was so nice I changed outfits haha.
Now to show off the color job! I actually haven't done my hair since the last Palty review I did so my roots are extremely long and disgusting lol.
Look at those roots!
Don't mind the pj's lol.
Here's the color!
So what do you think? I personally would have liked more red and a brighter red, but looking at the flash it looks pretty vibrant haha. Maybe I just have to be patient and wait for the sun.

Thanks for reading! See you in my next post~
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