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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

♡♢♢ My journey so far ♢♢♡

Hello everyone! How's it going? I haven't updated in a while now, sorry about that >3<;; I finally got a little break from work and stuff so I decided to have some "me" time and climb the elo ladder on League of Legends. (Super happy I made it to gold V. Now all I have to do is make the climb to plat QQ)
Anyways, I was reading up on other blogs and I came across Lizzie's Gyaru Improvement meme and I thought I'd give it a go. I never really look back at old pictures of myself much, so this was really fun to do. I think I've changed a bit since I first started this style and I'm really happy to see the growth, even if it's just a tiny bit. My first attempt for Gyaru was in May 2012, so that's where this meme will begin~
May 2012: I made my first attempt and I was inspired by Okarie's simple make. This was my first time using false lower lashes ^__^;;

June 2012: I couldn't get the hang of lower lashes so I tried just using a shadow for definition and lining just the center of my lower lash line with liner

July 2012: Decided that it wasn't the application of lower lashes that I didn't like, rather it was the style of lashes. I made my own lashes by cutting ones that were too long and gluing the extra bits to the outer corner for more volume at the ends.

August 2012: I got a little crazy with smoking out my eyeshadow lol. During this time I really liked winging my liner lower and making a rounder eye look. Finally got a hang of lower lashes.

September - October 2012: I made very little effort to doll up because of school taking up my time. I also toned down my makeup to make it more wearable. I absolutely hated it.

November 2012: I stopped wearing circle lenses after visiting the eye doctor. She said I needed to give my eyes a break or else I would damage them forever. She prescribed me color lenses that were made of a better material so that I could still have lenses. I started using Diamond Lash/longer upper lashes for a more elongated eye.

December 2012: I didn't do any gal makeup or any makeup really during this month because I got an eye infection. I did however start to get into making better outfits such as my first MA*RS getup you see here.

January 2013: I got new circle lenses (but so far I've only worn them twice). Nothing's really too different. I started to pay more attention to my brows.

February 2013: Went back to using my prescribed lenses. Using less shadow on my lower lash line now.

March 2013: Started drawing a 'point' in the inner corner to define my eyes.
Looking back I really do see a bit of progress. I liked my July look a lot actually haha. I'm not sure if I'm loving my makeup direction right now, but I'll definitely try to improve more. Hopefully the weather will lighten up here and I can get some nice outfits going! I also just placed a huge Taobao haul so I'm super excited for that.

Thank you so much for reading guys! Don't forget to check out Lizzie's Blog and try the meme out for yourself~ 
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