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Friday, March 22, 2013

♚ Birthday Festivities [Photo Heavy] ♚

Hello again everyone! How are you all doing? I've had quite an exciting weekend and now, before I know it, a new weekend is just around the corner!

On the 16th I had an early birthday party with my friends at Posh and then we went for karaoke afterwards (my actual birthday is the 20th). Before that though, I went to this event at AI and was able to get my student ID and unofficial schedule for my first term.

I'm still really nervous about starting at a new school and not knowing anyone there. Actually the event I went to was supposed to be for us to get to know other people in our program but it turns out everyone who went is starting at a different time and in different programs LOL fail. There ended up being only 2 students who were actually going to be classmates.
I asked everyone to dress up semi-formal for a change cause we always do casual things. I thought for my 21st birthday we could do something a little more special~ This next part will just be a bit of a photo dump!
This was our first round of meat haha...
we're such fatties >__<
Bubble bubble~
My favorite Korean, Taewoo! Also
Tes' arm and Alex in the corner.
Picture fail. My friend Royal was trying to gesture to the
hotpot but was wayyyyyyy off. 
All those handsome smiles!
All that flavor
It took us forever to get a perfect group photo LOL
Thanks Tes. (she doesn't like to be in photos so she
volunteered to be the photographer)
Les and Alex being silly
I made a face and ruined the picture :(
An inside joke. We're looking at "richer things"
My favorite picture of Les! 
Branden trying to avoid a photo lol
Me and my Hubby ~
Here are the presents I got. It wasn't a lot of stuff, but they mean a lot to me!
Warblers CD from Royal because he
knows I adore them!
Too Faced Snow Bunny Bronzer from Steven
It's so pretty~ My fave bronzer! I have a small
size of this in an old palette but I love this stuff!
Sephora giftcard from Alex. I love
his home made lemongrab card the most!
Yummy treat from Francis!
Tiramisu! This one was my favorite
The left one is citrus-y and the right
one was chocolate mousse with
some fermented cherries (?).
I had so much fun, and the food was super yummy. I was very excited that I got to wear my new mint polka dot dress too!
Dress: Forever21/Cardigan&Belt: AFW/Shoes: Payless
And of course, some makeup shots!
I've been really liking my brows recently.
We're almost done! I just wanted to also share with you some things I got at Daiso and my outfit for my birthday when I had work~ Too lazy to make a separate post lol. Sorry XD
I picked up a new water bottle so that I could start ditching my sugar filled ice teas and sodas. I also picked up these cute floral tissues and a little box for my cotton pads!

Next up, my outfit and makeup!
Cardigan: AWF/Shoes: Forever21/Tank&Jeans: Offbrand
I got to be on the cash register because it was my birthday (it's my favorite thing to do at work besides being in the fitting room lol). My manager and coworkers even sang happy birthday for me! ^__^ It was all very nice, even though I had to work it was still fun!
Before work!
After work haha.
Phew! That was quite a long post. I think it might be the longest one I've put out haha. Anyways, thank you so much for sticking by until the end. I'll talk to you later! Bye 
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