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Saturday, January 19, 2013

Last Minute Xmas Bundles: Small E.L.F Haul & Goodies

Hi again everyone! Today I'll be sharing some products I got from E.L.F recently as well as some last minute Christmas packages. I placed this order during boxing week so I got a pretty good discount~ I wanted some new polishes and I also wanted to try one of the popular lip gloss shades that were always sold out. Please let me know if you want an in depth review on any of these products at all and I'll be happy to do that for you!
From left to right the products I got are:
  • Nail polishes in Coral, Glamour Girl, Nude, Garnet, Desert Haze, and Misty Haze
  • Glossy Gloss in Ballet Slippers
  • Jumbo Lipgloss Stick in Sangria Starters and In the Nude
  • Makeup Setting Mist
  • Eyebrow kit in Medium
Next I got a MA*RS dress from a lovely girl off the gyaru_sales facebook page. It's super comfy and warm but I don't have anywhere to wear it to lol. I still love it though!
Image not mine.
The last few things that came in were from Asia Wholesale Fashion. My school bag broke so I needed a new one. I spotted this leather leopard print backpack and it was just the perfect size for all my books! I also picked up a few other things~
A sweater of a bunny wearing a
sweater. It doesn't get any better than this.
Skull chiffon cardigan in black
Skull chiffon cardigan in white
The front of my new backpack
The back~
Cute tights with skulls on the knees.
On a more personal note, I've been giving this some thought and I've decided to switch focus in school. The reason I'm in the school I'm in right now is because I wanted to finish the Japanese curriculum they had. I planned to go to another school next Spring for digital animation but I don't quite meet the entrance requirements yet so in the meantime, I'm taking Japanese.

My Japanese teacher told me that the school won't be offering Japanese in the summer so I'd have to spend a whole semester taking random classes (aka wasting time and money). I took this as a sign for change, so if all goes well, I'll be going to The Art Institute of Vancouver for Game Art & Design or 3D Modeling and Animation for Games.

None of this is set in stone yet, but I'm really happy to finally be on the right track for once. I'll update more about this when I finish meeting with the admissions officers next Friday. It's going to be super expensive, but I'll be in school for less than 2 years and I should be able to get a job within 6 months of graduating. Fingers crossed!

Instead of saving for a car, I'll be using my money for tuition since my student loans won't be able to cover all my costs. I just hope that in the end it'll pay off!
Thanks for sticking with me until the end of this post! I'll be announcing my giveaway in the next post, so please stay tuned!
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