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Saturday, January 19, 2013

♡ Happy Birthday Sweetpea ♡

Hello again! Don't mind me, just posting up a storm here. January 17th was my sweetie's birthday, but a lot of us were busy so we celebrated the day after (yesterday). I was going to get him a cake but I didn't have time or the space in my fridge for it, so I made him a card instead~
We went to this popular Italian restaurant in our neighborhood called Anton's. There's always a lineup there because the food is good and comes in really big portions. You can tell how big the plates were from some of the photos where you can see my friends' hands and stuff.

*I took a picture of everyone's food, but weirdly enough we never took a group photo, even though everyone was in on it at first lol. Most of my friends don't like group photos too much anyways.

**Also being the fatass I am, I sampled everyone's food so I'll tell you what each one was like LOL.
My boyfriend's food. It was some
sort of stuffed pasta, I forget.
My food. It was an avocado cream sauce
pasta with shrimp
My friend Taewoo's food. It had chicken,
tomatoes, mushrooms and peppers in it. It
tasted pretty good! A little on the spicy side.
My friend Steven's food. It tasted very
smokey and had lots of sun dried
tomato flavor~
My friend Branden's food. I like this one
the most. It had spinach and chicken in it~
My friend Les' food. It tasted a bit smokey
as well~
My friend Tes' food. 
After dinner we went for bubble tea at Pearldrops. I ordered a peach green tea with pearls and coconut jelly but it tasted kind of funny. Sort of like the rice part of a mochi ball. Idk it was weird. After that we went over to Branden's house and we played some games and watched some videos, then I went home.
Here was my look for the day. I'm wearing my Diamond Lash Glamorous Eye and some off-brand lower lashes here. If you're wondering where my review for the DL lashes are, that will be my next post. I also got some new necklaces from Forever21. The I  Tokyo necklace was only $1.00!!!
That wraps up this post! I'll see you all in my review post! 

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