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Monday, December 16, 2013

❅ AFW Sweater Haul & Review ❅

Hi everyone. I'm really excited to say that my Asia Fashion Wholesale haul came in today so I wanted to share the items I got with you as well as do a little review on them! Please be aware that this is not a sponsored review and links will be provided for each item~
I noticed that many of my old sweaters have not been able to keep me warm this year so I put in a small haul on Asia Fashion Wholesale for some thicker ones.

The first sweater that I ordered was a fluffy white one with a rose print on the front. I thought this would be nice with some leggings and boots considering that it is such a large fit.
Stock photo
Actual product
Rating: ♥♥♥♡♡
This sweater was a lot thinner than I thought it was going to be. It's also not as fluffy as it is in the pictures which was kind of disappointing. But it is very soft and true to the color and size~
The next item I got was this grey fuzzy angora sweater. I've been obsessed with fuzzy sweaters like this one ever since I laid eyes on them. I thought I would get it in grey since I own a lot of black and white.
Stock photo
Actual product
Rating: ♥♥
This sweater was absolutely spot on, and my favorite of the bunch! It's very soft and cozy~
The next item was this cute black and white fuzzy cardigan. I thought I would pick this up because we actually sold one like this at Forever21 but it was crazy expensive.
Stock photo
Actual product
Rating: ♥♥♡♡
This sweater was such a let down for me. I thought the spots would be much darker and the cardigan itself would be much longer. As you can see from the picture it's super wide and short. This one also smelled like mold when I pulled it out of the bag. Although all the sweaters smelled of like "factory" or whatever, this one smelled the worst and even felt a bit wet when I took it out (Patrick thought it was just the way the fabric feels when it's cold so I'm not sure about this last point). I had to hang this up, spritz it with some fragrance and air dry it before I could wear it.
Finally, I've saved the best worst for last! I picked up this last sweater because I was really in love with the color.
Stock photo
Actual product
Rating: ♡♡
Okay, right off the bat you can tell that the sweaters are different colors. Actually if you saw my sweater in person, you would be able to see that it's got a whole lot of grey woven into it. 

***Upon closer inspection of the stock photos, I can tell that this is the same sweater (the slit on the sides and the edge of the sleeves) so technically this should be a 5/5. 

However when I placed my order, I anticipated this sweater to be a bright vivid light blue like in the pictures. I was so sad when this turned out to be a grey/blue mix. This was my least favorite sweater of the bunch. It was probably my fault for not looking carefully, but the pictures made me think the sweater was pure blue. I ended up giving this to my sister.
Just a few more things to note about my order. I know it's really close to Christmas so the post has been relatively slow lately. It took a month for the package to arrive this time. Overall I wasn't thrilled with this order but I think it was just poor item selection on my part.

I actually went and picked up a sweater from work after getting this package because I was so sad lol. I'm really happy with this one and I think it's my favorite sweater right now!
Ahh I love it so much! I'm going to wear it like crazy this next week haha. I'll be sure to share my outfits with you!
Anywho, thanks so much for reading! I'll see you later ~ 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Luxor Hair Salon Review

Hey guys! In this post I wanted to share with you a magical experience I had at a local hair salon a few weeks ago last month. I never really know where to go to get my hair done since most salons I've looked into have mixed reviews/high price points. I usually go to whoever does my mom's hair but I don't really like her choice of hairdressers lol so I'm glad I took the plunge on this one! I thought I would write up a review so that anyone in the local area could enjoy this place too~ (also: this is not a sponsored post).
I don't know if anyone has noticed but I have horrible roots! I have a terrible habit of only coloring my hair every 6+ months and it's just awful. 1) my hair looks nasty and 2) it's really expensive to fix roots that long! While I was in Kerrisdale for my dentist appointment I stumbled upon a small Japanese salon called Luxor Hair Salon. It looked really pretty and clean on the inside. I looked it up and it had some pretty rave reviews, so I decided to head on in and ask for a price estimate.
Inside! (picture taken from their facebook page)
They were very kind and welcoming when I walked in. They estimated that it would cost around $80-90 to get my roots done because of how long they were and how thick my hair was. I thought that was alright as it would have costed me around the same amount at my mom's hairdresser but here, they would do what I asked without giving me a lecture on my hair styling choices.  
They walked me to the closet and hung up my coat. Then they opened up a little locker for me to place my bag (kind of like at the swimming pool so you get to keep the key for it~). After that they sat me down, gave me some hot green tea and my stylist for the day, Rie, came to give me a consultation.
My lovely stylist Rie! (photo taken from
the Luxor website)
She was very friendly and super sweet. She explained the entire process she wanted to do on my hair and actually asked me if I had any allergies or abnormal reactions to hair coloring (which is a first for me even though I was taught this in hair school D:)

After everything was settled she gave me a stack of magazines to read and began the coloring process. It was a little awkward at first but then I broke the ice with her and had a really nice chat about Japan. She said she really liked it here and prefers it over Japan, but she does miss home and would like to visit!
I think the best part of my entire visit was the rinse off. Rie gave me an incredible massage and I even got a hot towel treatment as well! It was all so relaxing, I almost fell asleep at the sink haha~
My freshly colored roots! (you can see Domo and my
StarCraft II poster in the corner >w<;;)
She wanted to style my hair as well but it started raining outside so I told her I was fine with her just drying it. When we were finished, she walked me over to get my things and then I paid my bill. She waited for me at the door with her business card and thanked me for visiting. She held the door open for me and that was the end of my magical salon experience!
I'm really excited to go back there again! Maybe next time I'll get a perm from her since that is her specialty~ If you are in the area, I highly recommend you give this place a try! Thanks for reading, I'll catch you all later.

Thursday, November 7, 2013

[♥Sponsored♥] GEO Eyes Cream Vanilla Brown (XMU-A14) Lens Review

Hello again everyone~ Today I'm going to be reviewing the ever so popular GEO Eye Scream lenses in Vanilla Brown. These were very kindly sponsored to my by Geo Coloured Lenses. Just like with any review I do, this will be based on my own opinions and experience. You can read my full disclaimer under the "reviews/tutorials" tab on my blog. Anyways, let's get to it!
Tiny package~ Included lenses and case
In the bottle
In the case
 Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.6 mm
Duration: 1 year disposable
The newly launched Eyes Cream series have been getting a lot of hype recently so I thought I would give them a try. These looked absolutely phenomenal on the model. I know the grey version of this lens is very popular, however I always like to try something new/less popular so that I can offer more interesting and unique content to everyone! So in the end I decided to go for the Vanilla Brown lenses, and they look like this:
Without the lenses
With the lens
Natural/dark indoor lighting
(very close to how they look in person)
Bright indoor lighting
Original picture with instagram filter (more natural lighting)
Bright indoor lighting
Bright indoor lighting
Indoor lighting
Color ♥♥♥
These lenses were much more of a vibrant brown on the model's pictures, so I was slightly disappointed that they turned out to be more of a grey-ish brown on my eyes. I still think they're very pretty but I was hoping for a more vivid brown~ >o<;;
Model picture from GeoColouredLenses

Design ♥♥♥
The design on these lenses is gorgeous. I love that the outer ring isn't a harsh black like a lot of the lenses out there. It really helps give a more natural look without sacrificing on the enlargement factor. I think the way the color is structure also helps it blend a lot better into my eyes.

Enlargement ♥♥♥♥♡
Just like the last pair of lenses I reviewed, these lenses are a bit smaller as well. Being only 14.5 mm they offer a good amount of enlargement, nothing too overwhelming (you can see this clearly via the first 2 pictures). I think they do a great job of subtly making your eyes stand out. I got lots of complements today for wearing these, my manager told me they looked "enchanting" (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

Comfort ♥♥♥♥♥
I wore these to work so they were in for at least 6 hours. I didn't feel any irritation at all, however near the end of the night my eyes did feel slightly tingly as they were getting a bit dry. It might be the lenses or it might have been that I was really tired, either way it's not good to wear lenses for that long anyways!

Overall ♥♥♥♥
I think the entire Eyes Cream series are all very gorgeous. I'm a little disappointed that the lenses didn't turn out the way I hoped they would color-wise but they're still very pretty lenses and I do enjoy them. They're a good way of spicing up your natural brown eyes. I would recommend these lenses to anyone who wants a little edgier look but aren't looking for anything too adventurous. 
Again I'd let to thank Geo Coloured Lenses for giving me this opportunity to work with them again. Make sure you check them out! They offer free international shipping and most of their lenses come with corrective power for those of you who need it. They only sell authentic and genuine GEO lenses! Currently they are having a 2 day promotion where you can get the GEO Eyes Cream Ray Ray Grey lenses for half price!! Offer ends November 7th so be sure to check that out before they're gone~
You can also get in touch with Geo Coloured Lenses on FacebookInstagramTumblr, and Pintrest!
Thank you for taking the time to read this! I hope you found this helpful. Once again, thank you Geo Coloured Lenses for being so kind to me. I'll see you all later~

Monday, November 4, 2013

[♥Sponsored♥] EOS Briller Green Lens Review

Hello everyone! I hope you had a wonderful Halloween~ Today I will be reviewing the EOS Briller Green lenses that were kindly sponsored to me by Maple Lens. This post will be based on my own opinions and experience. You can read my full disclaimer under the "reviews/tutorials" tab on my blog.
They came in a cute little box like this
Cute animal lens case
My lenses!
In the case
In the bottle
Diameter: 14.5 mm
Base Curve: 8.8 mm
Duration: 1 year disposable
I was extremely excited to get these in the mail as they are my first green lenses. They don't look quite as brilliant on the website as they do here but I'm glad they turned out the way they did. Here are pictures of me with the lenses in various lighting environments. I apologize for the lack of sunlight pictures for this review as it's been kind of gloomy here lately >__<;;
Before makeup in normal room lighting
After makeup with bright lighting
Natural indoor lighting
Indoor lighting
Bright indoor lighting
Indoor lighting
Closeup with makeup and natural indoor lighting
Closest thing I can get to outdoor lighting;
small sunshine through the window.
Color ♥♥♥
These lenses are gorgeous. I honestly didn't expect them to be so vibrant. The color just blew me away and I'm just head-over-heels in love with these lenses!

Design ♥♥♥
I picked these lenses because of the design. I wanted to try green lenses for a long time but I can't help but imagine a "bug-eye" look when I think of them (not sure why, I'm weird that way). I opted for a more natural looking lens and I have to say I'm glad I did so! The light colors at the center really help blend these in effortlessly with the brown in my eyes.

Enlargement ♥♥♥♥♡
Although these lenses are only 14.5 mm I feel like they offer a pretty decent amount of enlargement, at least for a natural look. It's nothing too crazy like some other lenses I've tried, but it definitely helps make your overall look "pop".

Comfort ♥♥♥♥♥
As always with EOS lenses, these have been nothing short of comfortable. I wore them for 7+ hours that day, with makeup and didn't feel any irritation or dryness at all! After removing them my eyes were still comfortable (sometimes I would feel slight irritation but not with these particular lenses).

Overall ♥♥♥♥♥
I'm really happy I decided to give these a try. I now have a new-found appreciation for green lenses. I think that these are one of my most favorite lenses so far! They give a very natural look because of the design. Although it is a small lens, the slight ring on the outside makes it seem like it enlarges quite a bit more than it actually does.
This was my first time working with Maple Lens and I have to say that I am very happy with the entire process. Their staff was very polite and answered all of my questions. The shipping was fairly quick and I can see that my items were packaged with care. 

I highly recommend you check them out. You can click the banner in my sidebar on the right or the link at the beginning of this post to go to their site. A lot of the lenses they sell do come with corrective power, which is always a plus! 

Thank you again, Maple Lens, for giving me this wonderful opportunity to experience your service. I really look forward to working with you again in the future!
I hope you found this review helpful! Thank you so much for reading and I'll see you in my next post~
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