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Thursday, November 29, 2012

❇Foodporn & special gets❇

Hello everyone! Time sure flies by quick these days. I can't believe it's been 2 weeks since my last update! I've been working a lot lately and to be honest, not much has been going on (my life is so boring FML). It's finals season so everyone is working hard and studying. My classes are pretty much done now, all I have to worry about is my Japanese final in 2 weeks.
I went out with my boyfriend last Friday for our 46 month celebration. We went to one of my favorite restaurants in Yaletown called Hub. For those of you not from Vancouver, Yaletown is one of my favorite places. It has a very trendy yet nostalgic feel to it. Some of the roads are still made from brick and it's just beautiful there and it's littered with tons of restaurants and small shops. I would say it's right outside the central downtown area. I hope that gives you a feel of what it's like. I ordered my usual warm chicken salad and my boyfriend got the mac and cheese with crab meat. We also shared some hot chicken wings, which are the best we've ever had! I apologize for the crappy quality as these were taken with my ipod.
My salad~!
Chicken wings~
We also went for Korean food the other day because it was really cold outside. Hot soup and rice is probably the best remedy for the November chills!
My yummy beef stew
Kimchi! <3
Boyfriend's bibimbap
My favorite family friend (of course since I'm asian I'll call her my aunt), Aunt Yaya, owns a clothing distributing company or something like that with her husband. They have to move shops so they're getting rid of some of their inventory. She asked me to pick out some stuff and this is what I got:
These tank tops were the cutest thing ever so I got
every color she had!
Cute bow print cardigan
Simple white flowy top
I would have picked out more things but I felt really sick that day. I actually felt so horrible I ended up vomiting an hour later. I think my breakfast was bad or perhaps my mom just really sucks at driving lol. She drives like the car is a roller coaster ride, which is bad cause I'm super sensitive to that as I get motion sickness. (╯︵╰,) I'm going to go see her again this Saturday to maybe pick up some jeans. More on that in a later post.
Here are some things I got over the past month or so but didn't have time to take pictures of and show you guys. There's still some things hiding around in my room so this is all I managed to find that was new.
Cute peter pan collar print sweater from f21
Rings from f21
(the black one is a gift to a friend)
Little bear ear beanie also from f21
New bras from La Senza~
I know I said I'm trying to save money, but rest assured, everything here was on sale for cheap! Like the beanie was only $4. How could you not buy that?! I didn't get anything for Cyber Monday or Black Friday (I know that's an American thing but we had a lot of sales here too) so I thought the bras and the sweater were alright to pick up.
Finally, I was flipping through my ipod photos when I came across some old Halloween pics! I only saw a few costumes and managed to take a picture of 2 and a cool drawing I found at my boyfriend's school lol.
Thanks so much for reading! I hope things will get more interesting these next few weeks, especially after my exam. An eyelash review has been requested by one of my lovely readers, so please stay tuned for that. I think I'll also do a review for my new circle lenses as well. See you around next time! 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

New Lashes + Movies!

Hello everyone! Last Friday I went to see "Wreck-It-Ralph" with my boyfriend and some friends. It was a really great movie! Super cute and funny, I think everyone should go see it if they have the chance! Here's the trailer:
I've also been really in the Lord of the Rings mood lately so my friends and I have been trying to get a marathon thing going. So far we've only watched Return of the King because we haven't had the time for the other two.
We had all the movies there but we decided to watch
the third one only as we only had time for 1.
I also got some new lashes in the mail. I bought them off gyaru_sales on facebook and I absolutely adore them! I've always wanted to try Diamond Lash as I've heard many good things about this brand.
I got Glamorous Eye (left) and Model Eye (right)
I haven't used the bottom lashes yet but I'm totally in love with Glamorous Eye. They're so dramatic and sexy; they definitely make my eyes pop! (sorry for the glare of death)
You might have noticed I'm wearing new contacts! These are actually the daily disposable ones I was prescribed by my optometrist! They're made by FreshLook and they look like this:
I really like them so far! They remind me a lot of my Princess Mimi lenses in sesame grey but much less vibrant. This picture's old so please excuse the ugly watermark.
To wrap up this post, I'll leave you with a little bit of a photo dump. If you follow me on instagram (pinkiechan) you will have seen these already!
A quick ootd shot from when I went to the bar.
An arpakasso my bb bought me~
Mcd's before work. Mmm~
My boyfriend always makes faces when we take photos.
Makeup shot
I actually did this look first but I didn't like my lower
lashes so I swapped them out for the picture before this one.
Tried a new sushi place with the bf~
Everyone loves poutines! Lunch at work~
Thank you so much for reading! See you all in my next post~ (ノ*゜▽゜*)

AWF Winter Haul

Hello darlings! My package from AWF came in the other day (just in time for the cold weather!). I'll be using the stock photos again because I'm too lazy to watermark all the photos.
The first item I got was this leopard print chiffon dress shirt. It's really comfy and can be used in both casual and dressy looks. It's one of my most favorite shirts at the moment!
Next I got was this cute pink sweater. It's also very cozy and I've worn it many time since I've bought it!
Next I got this DreamV rabbit style zip-up in white and pink~ I've tried it on and it's soooooo warm!
Next I got these two dresses. They kind of look like Liz Lisa pieces and we all know I just adore Liz Lisa. I wore the black one to work and I got lots of compliments for it!
This white cardigan is super versatile and fits like a dream~ I only wish that it were a little thicker. It's more of a spring or summer piece.
I was so excited to get this cardigan. I bought the one in dark grey but when it came I was actually pretty disappointed. The sleeves are a different color from the body and the back of the cardigan is a different color than the front =__=;; It's like, 3 different shades of grey and just looks like a mess. I'm not sure what to do about it, I might message them or just play it off as a cool new pattern.
I've been really liking the cute, dolly chiffon shirts with the peter pan collars lately so when I saw this pink one I had to have it. It's a little bit sheer so I have to wear a tank top underneath, but I don't mind.
Next I picked out these two bunny sweaters. I got the grey one for my mom and the pink one for myself.
Then I saw this really cute striped cardigan with bow details on the pockets. I got them in both black and pink.
Can you tell I'm totally into cardigans right now? The next item is a lilac hooded cardigan. I like it but I think it's a little weird to have a hood on a cardigan like this because it's just too small to be of any use.
To get into the Christmas mood, I picked out this red sweater with white lace detailing. It's a lot baggier than I expected so it doesn't look very good with jeans. This will probably be a leggings/boots kind of shirt!
The last item I got was this white knit sweater. I really hoped this would be soft and cozy but instead it's very very scratchy! I have to wear another shirt under this because it just feels so awful against my skin(>д<)
That's it for my haul. I don't think I'll be doing any more hauls for a while because I'm trying to save up for my own car right now! I might still get 1 or 2 pieces here and there but it'll definitely be more of a collective post if I do decide to write about it. Thank you so much for reading! See you in my next post~

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