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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

✾ Palty Foam Hairdye Review 2.0 ✾

Hello dollies, today I'm going to review the Palty Foam Hairdye in Custard Beige. You can read up on my other review of the dye in Creamy Caramel by clicking here.

I'm going to use the same layout as my last review because I'm lazy and I think I did a good job of covering the main points. I got two boxes for $11.99 each at the T&T Supermarket inside Metrotown. There was a sale otherwise it'd be $15.99/box or something like that.
I was kind of shocked to see that Tsubasa wasn't on the front of the box. I thought that some brand had ripped off the Palty dye until I realized that it was still authentic. I picked this color because I wanted my hair to be lighter for summer, although I kind of have an addiction for getting my hair lighter little by little each time( ;´Д`)

Here's what my hair looked like before, and as you can see it's been a very long time since my last color job (which was when I did my last review LOL):
Ewwwww. Why do I always leave my hair looking so nasty ;___; Actually part of the reason is because my boyfriend is always "too busy" to help me do the coloring >___>

Here are the after pictures!
As you can see the color is super vibrant. My hair got a whole lot more orange-y, which I don't love but I don't hate. It's more brown in person but it catches some orange when there's an intense light shining on it. My roots got covered pretty well and I'm really happy that they're gone~ I left the color on for really long this time though, just to be sure because I forgot how long I left it last time and I REALLY wanted my hair to be lighter .__.;;

This time I left the color on my roots for 40~ minutes and then colored the rest of my hair. To prevent damage we added some water to my roots to emulsify the color so that I my roots wouldn't get ruined. We let the color sit on my ends for 15-20 minutes or so and then we shampoo'd it all out.
Coverage/Colouration: ♥♥♥♥ 
The coverage as you can see is still impeccable. My roots were taken care of and the overall color was very vibrant.

Packaging: ♥♥♥♥♡
Still no complaints other than the short spatula, but I suppose it can't be any longer otherwise it won't fit in the box with the rest of the equipment.

Price: ♥♥♥♥♥
The sale made this product even more worth it than last time.

Overall Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ 
After trying this product in two different colors with proven results, I highly recommend this line to anyone looking for a cheap and easy hair color treatment. Of course, results will vary from person to person and color to color. Overall I would definitely look into this especially if you have long hair like I do and it costs you an arm and a leg to color your hair in a salon.

One thing I'd like to note is that with this particular Palty where Tsubasa is not the model, ENGLISH INSTRUCTIONS ARE INCLUDED!!!  This is really helpful because the last time I did my hair I had to google for instructions because the ones that came in the box were strictly Japanese. 
I hope you found this helpful, I know it's more or less the same as my last review but hopefully this helps in terms of "swatching" the color?(・∀・;;)

Until next time~ Stay fabulous(´∀`)

Friday, July 27, 2012

▻ OOTD/FOTD #5 ◅

Hi hi~ Today I wanted to share a quick OOTD and FOTD with you. I had just finished doing a makeup and hair tutorial for an upcoming gaijin gyaru magazine (also known as GGM) and a couple of outfit shots. Then I got ready to go out to my friend Branden's house to chill~ 

It felt really weird to be so dolled up haha. I haven't played around with makeup for a week, it felt so unfamiliar to me >__<;;
Shorts, tank top, and cardigan are from Urban Behavior. My shoes are from DreamV~ You can't really see in the picture but I'm wearing the GEO Princess Mimi Almond Brown lenses ◕3◕

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend >‿‿◕

Thursday, July 26, 2012

▫▮▯ New Summer Items ▯▮▫

Greetings earthlings! I went shopping these past few days to help myself feel better about Cupcake. Lucky for me the mall's been exploding with summer sales and I managed to pick up some really nice stuff without having to hurt my wallet too much (^__^;)
The first things I got were two really cute tank tops from Urban Behavior. They were on sale 2 for $10 and I fell head-over-heels in love with the designs on them
Next I picked up a bikini, also from Urban Behavior, for guess how much? Only $3.50!! Can you believe it? I thought it would be really hard to find a bikini from the rack because you had to pick the top and bottom separately, but I got really lucky and managed to find not only the matching pieces but they were also in the proper size as well! \ (゜∀゜)/
The last thing I picked up from Urban Behavior was a really pretty pink floral lace cardigan. It was the only item not on sale, it costed $12. I was hesitant to get it at first but I just loved it too much to walk out without it. It comes in other colors too but I think the pink one looks the best.
There was a Pay No Tax event going on at Superstore today (I think it's happening for the entire weekend) so I popped into the makeup department to see if I could get some good deals. There was nothing I really wanted/no good sales so I just picked up a backup of my favorite day-time moisturizer by Olay. The one I'm using is almost done so I figured I might as well pick one up since it was the only thing I liked on sale and there was no tax. I'll provide an in-depth review in a separate post.
Lastly, I went to Shoppers Drug Mart and picked up two Biore products. My skincare regimen is kind of all over the place right now (it's filled with all these experimental products). I decided to redefine my regimen but I had trouble picking the products. Then I remembered trying a sample of the Biore Steam Activated Cleanser and loving it. There was a sale on Biore products so I decided to pick up another cleanser with the Steam Activated one because I planned to only use the steam one in the shower (obviously). 

I was torn between the 4-in-1 Revitalizing Cleanser and the Combination Skin Balancing Cleanser. My friend Terry told me she had tried the balancing cleanser and that it was not bad at all. I also thought that I needed the balancing cleanser more than a revitalizing one because my skin isn't really in a good place at the moment. Hopefully this cleanser will change that (´・ω・`) 
That wraps up my haul post. Thank you for reading. I'd also like to point out that I went through the poll results and have compiled a list of upcoming posts that I thought would best address your votes. You can check that image out at the top of my page, right under the banner.

Until next time 

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

◖ Goodbye ◗

Hello everyone. I haven't been around for a while and the reason for that is because I've had a very rough week. On Sunday at July 22 at 8:00PM my little angel Cupcake passed away.

We struggled with her for a long time... I'll spare you the story because I've told it too many times. Basically she got sick and stopped eating for a about 3 weeks now. If you know anything about rabbits (or if you don't), when a rabbit stops eating for whatever reason it's usually really badRabbits are a prey species and have adapted to hiding their conditions very well from potential predators. What this means is that if you find your rabbit is sick, most of the time it will be too late. If you catch on early, there is a chance of saving them. However I found out through this experience, vets know very little about rabbits as they are such delicate and quiet creatures.

Anyways, we're not sure of the cause but the vet's best guess is that because of her lack of eating, there were complications in her digestive tract. This means she could have had ulcers, a build up of bacteria, etc etc. The pain was probably beginning to overwhelm her and I could see her energy was dropping with each passing day... It became too much for her I suppose and she gave up her final breath in my lap, with my hand over her heart, while we were rushing her to the 24-hour emergency clinic...

I don't want to talk much about it, but I'll copy and paste what I put on Facebook. I'm afraid of having another emotional breakdown right now (I need a break from those lol). The pain is still sharp in my chest, but I know I'll get over it soon. 

I just miss her so much. It's hard to come home and find an empty spot where she used to be...

August 23, 2009 - July 22, 2012. I miss you already. I wish you were back here in my arms. I knew saying goodbye to you one day was going to be hard, but I never thought it would be like this. I wasn't ready for you to leave just yet.

I tried my very best to make your life as wonderful as it could be. I'm sorry I was never the most attentive. I'm sorry I got irritated at you for waking me in the middle of the night.... I'll never hear the patter of your little feet again. It hurts so much to know I'll never see you again...

When I saw you laying there with the light gone in your eyes, I experienced a pain unlike any other. I know you're just a bunny and this day had to come sooner or later. But you were my bunny, and I loved you so very much.

I hope you're in a better place now. Don't forget us while you're up there having the time of your life in that big hay tunnel in the sky. Goodbye precious. I'll always miss you and love you with all my heart.

Rest in Peace, Cupcake ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Thursday, July 19, 2012

◄ MA*RS replicas and e.l.f haul/mini reviews ►

Hello everyone! This post is wayyyy overdue so I'm just going to hop right into it. I bought 2 MA*RS replica pieces from a girl in Italy almost a month ago and they finally arrived in the mail (pictures not mine):

This actually comes with some pink fur that
goes around the collar ~
Next my long awaited e.l.f haul came in. They were having a birthday event and there was a coupon code you could enter for a mystery bag to come with your order valued at $25 and a handful of lucky people would also get a gift card inside their bag. Needless to say I didn't get the gift card but hey, they sure packed me a lot of goodies! ◕3◕
Everything in the top part of the photo is what I paid for, and everything below was part of the mystery bag. From left to right, here are the things I got (I'll give you mini-reviews on things that I've tried out):

Stipple Brush - Studio Line
The bristles are super soft; I used this brush for applying BB cream. I don't love it yet. The bristle are kind of longer than I expected and not as dense as other stipple brushes I've seen. You don't get quite as much control because of this but overall it's still a good brush ♥♥♥♥♡

Nail Polishes
Next I got 3 nail polishes in Lilac, Bubblegum Pink, and I also wanted to try their Matte Finisher. I haven't used these polishes yet so I can't give you a rating, but I love the colors!

Dramatic Lash Kit
I haven't used these yet either but I've taken them out of the box to have a look. The band is very very flimsy. As a result the lashes are super fragile and I think they're cut in that fanning "U" shape too harshly. It looks really unnatural when I laid them over my eyes.

Baked Bronzer in Maui
This is a really light and sheer bronzer. I'm not sure about contouring because it's not that dark but it gives a very nice healthy golden glow. ♥♥♥♥♡

Eyebrow Kit in Light
I got this kit because the last kit I got was too light for me. This one is much better ♥♥♥♥

Angled Contour Brush - Studio Line
I love this brush!!! It's the perfect size for contouring around your nose. The bristles are nice and soft, and you get very good control with this brush. ♥♥♥♥
The next items are the ones included in the mystery bag. I haven't used most of these products but I've heard things about certain products so I'll let you know what other people have said about these things.

32 Piece Palette - Cool Eye Shadows
I swatched these and the pigmentation is pretty good, especially the darker colors. The lighter colors not so much but for a $5 palette it's actually not that bad. ♥♥♥♥♡

Nail Polish - Metal Madness
I haven't used this yet. I'm not really sure if this is my color tbh lol.

All Over Color Stick - Golden Peach
I used this as a cream blush/blush base. The color is a really golden, metallic peach. It's super pretty and although I was never a fan of cream/stick blushes, this is actually pretty good♥♥♥♥

Lotion Wipes - Vanilla & Coconut
I haven't used these but Emily of Beauty Broadcast just did a video reviewing these and she didn't like them much at all.

Cream Eyeliner in Ivory
I HATE THIS SO MUCH. I don't know if it was just mine because I've heard that some people actually like this product, but when I opened mine it was cracked and dried out. I tried to warm it up with my fingers but no matter what I tried I couldn't get this product to work at all. I ended up throwing it away (* ̄m ̄) 

Hypershine Lipgloss in Blossom
I've used this product before and I've always loved it! This was one of my favorite shades in all the hypershine lipglosses I've ever gotten so I was pretty happy to get a backup of it (^▽^)  ♥♥♥♥

Contour Brush - Mineral Line
The bristles on this brush were super soft just like any other e.l.f brush. I haven't used this but I can see it good for contouring, blending, and getting the colors right into your crease.
That was everything! I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope the reviews were helpful. Also you may have noticed the Pinkyparadise banners around my page. Feel free to use the coupon code xxpinkie to snag yourself a cool mystery gift and animal case!(^v^)

Thank you again for reading! See you later 

Thursday, July 12, 2012

♒ With great sunshine comes great frustration -- OOTD/FOTD #5 ♒

HAI GUISE. It's a freaking hot as an oven outside and I had the most interesting day ever. My morning started with my neighbor's daughter screaming and crying at the top of her lungs (why? No idea at the time but I found out when I got home --- I overheard the dad yelling because she had spilled glue all over her bedroom carpet this morning...).
So I was up a little earlier than I wanted to be but whatever, I was in an indifferent mood. I got to know another student in my marketing class and that was cool I guess. I caught up with one of my group partners and we talked about Guild Wars 2 (WHICH IS COMING OUT AUGUST 28TH OMG). Then after that I grabbed some lunch and watched Dyrus/Guardsman Bob's stream until my next class started.
On my way home I had to stop by Brentwood mall (where a main bus loop is) to catch my 2nd bus home. I had to wait out in the sun because there was no shade and 2 "not in service" buses passed by while I was waiting. I wasn't about to get irritated because that would just make the heat feel worse. A third "not in service" bus pulled up and a lady standing in front of me just went berserk on the bus driver. After that whole mess our bus finally came up and we all got on and I thought that was the end of that. 
Wrong. SO WRONG. I was listening to my music when all of a sudden I heard a huge bang, like cans or metal hitting the floor. I pulled out my headphones and heard a lady yell to the bus driver about a man being physically and verbally abusive to her in the back of the bus. I was thinking "Wow, no way. Not another fight. What is wrong with people?" The bus driver told everyone trying to start a fight to immediately exit the bus but no one budged. They started arguing (the lady and the man) and the bus driver told everyone "If you don't want to watch the fight get off the bus." An old friend of mine from high school was on the same bus and he lives 2 blocks away from me. I poked him and gestured to the door, we both got off the bus and walked home as the bus was rather close to our stops anyways. It was nice catching up for a bit. Besides, I was not going to sit around and watch another fight.

We looked back a few minutes later and the bus had started moving again. The man had gotten off the bus and the people that got off the bus simply walked to the next stop. At the end of my street we parted ways and I came home to hear my neighbor yelling and his kid crying.
He was complaining to his girlfriend or something about how he couldn't leave his daughter alone for a few seconds without her making a mess of things. This time she had, if I heard correctly, gone through her father's drawers and threw everything on the floor/made a huge mess of his wallet. He went on to complain about the morning incident and suddenly things from this morning were a lot clearer.
Anyways that sums up my interesting happenings. Now onto the photos, starting with my crappy instagram ones:
Closer look at my make
Excuse my ghetto censoring. Was trying
to hide my bathroom LOL
Closer look at my nails because the instagram one I posted
yesterday didn't do it justice.
I'm really proud of my make today because I made my own
lower lashes.
I had these lashes lying around for a long time but wasn't ever able to find a way to wear them because they just looked weird to me. I finally figured out a way to make them look more gyaru. Here's a picture/mini-tutorial of how I did it:
I took the ends I cut off of the bottom lashes and glued them to the outer corner of the crossing lashes and the results are what you see in the pictures above! (*^▽^*)

Thanks for reading! Bye bye~
Strawberry On Top Of Cupcake