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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

♫❊ Snaps from May; Part 2 ❊♬

*Le yaaaaawn* ~ For those of you who don't know, this post is a continuation of my previous post which was just way too long because of my own laziness. Let's get right back into it then, shall we?

I went for ramen this Sunday with my boyfriend, sister, and church friend (his name's Rich and I've known him for like 10+ years, he was my Sunday school teacher at some point haha)

We went to this place called "Santouka" for lunch and it was completely packed! The line went all the way outside even though it was raining.

Here are some snaps of the store front

This is what me and my boyfriend ordered~
I got the "Miso Cha-Shu Ramen"
Hunny got "Miso Ramen"
I realize they both look the same (because the only difference is about 3 slices of cha-shu lol), but I like the way the Naruto looks in the photos >3>

Finally we come to the last of the photos! I stole my desktop monitor and hooked it up to my laptop like a boss so I could have dual screens (hue.)

It looks extremely retarded, but you know what? Life is so much easier now lmao.

I also experimented a bit with my makeup. I've just been playing around with different lash combinations and in general, just getting comfortable with doing the Okarie-style make I mentioned a few posts ago. I'm really liking the way this kind of make looks on me! I'm practicing putting on lower lashes; I think I'm getting better :3

I used to be really bad at putting them on. They would somehow always end up falling off/being crooked.
I was super tired from school /pout. Here I used my new lower
lashes I mentioned in my ebay haul and my daiso lashes
You can't see my upper lashes from this angle, but I'm using
the same lower lashes from the above photo
Here's what I did for school today. I used my everyday go to
natural cross lashes and the lower lashes I used in my
first Okarie-style make attempt

The last things I wanted to share with you were these lipsticks and a necklace I got today from Lougheed Mall

The lipsticks are Maybelline's "born with it" and Rimmel's "airy fairy." For months I looked all over the place for that Rimmel lipstick but couldn't find it anywhere at all. It's such a popular color that it's virtually sold out in every drugstore. You can totally imagine my reaction : (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

If I had to describe the colors, I would say that Airy Fairy is more of a "my lips but better" kind of color. Whereas Born With It is more of a nudey pink. Nonetheless I love them both and would definitely repurchase when I get the chance. (FYI they were both on sale for around $5~)

The necklace was really a spur of the moment thing. It's really pretty and my boyfriend liked it. Besides, who could resist? It was only $6 from Payless Shoe Source!!

That's all for this post! Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it (≧∇≦) Please come visit again soon~

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

♫❊ Back from the dead; Snaps from May Part 1 ❊♬

Hello my sweet readers! How are you all?  I know I haven't been around for a while, please forgive me for my absence. I've been extremely lazy these past few weeks ( ̄□ ̄;) I've also been out and about enjoying the sunshine (which is super rare so I had to take advantage of it!)

Don't worry though, I didn't forget about you! I took a couple of photos so I could show you (*^▽^*) A lot of it is just lazy to comfy wear since it got really hot and I didn't want to have to fuss over my outfit/makeup etc. I absolutely hate the heat, but I love the sun. I know, I'm weirddddd.

I'm going to warn you right now, this post is going to be HUGE because I'm terrible and I like to have things pile up (this probably could have been like 3-4 different posts lol...)

Here are some of the outfits I wore earlier in the week when it was the most sunny:

This is just a plain white longer sleeve t-shirt tucked into
a floral print skirt I got from Forever21. The bag is also from
Forever21 and I wore some plain flip flops that day~
This maxi dress, lace cardigan, and sandals are from DreamV.
As you can see I'm using the same bag as the above outfit ^^

As I mentioned in my previous haul post I would keep you posted on the new polishes I used because I was too lazy to swatch them. I tried a few of the colors and I have to say, I'm really impressed. The e.l.f polishes are actually very opaque and I absolutely love them!! The color is very true to the bottle. I only need 1-2 coats to get a fully opaque look. The downside is that they chip rather quickly. I take good care of my nails (or so I like to think) so usually the chipping doesn't start until the 4th day (on a good week), but I've seen polishes chip within 1-2 days. These polishes are near the 2-3 day mark. Not horrible, but not so great either... still good, though I'm probably just too picky (* ̄m ̄)
e.l.f's "coral dream": it's actually a lot more orange
than coral imo.
e.l.f's "mint cream": I ADORE THIS COLOR  ♥   
e.l.f's "smokin hot": I love this color too, it's a perfect
summer shade!

I went to a wedding this weekend. It was for a family friend's daughter and it also happened to be a fairly sunny day. I decided to go for a sweet and natural look for the day outfit, and a bit more mature for the night outfit. 
The cardigan is the same as the one I wore with
the maxi dress from before. The shoes are from DreamV
and the dress itself is from some random store in
Hong Kong when I went there like, 2 years ago.
My dress here I got on sale from Guess in the
states last summer. I paired it with some simple black
pumps and a glittery shawl that I wore as a scarf.
I tied the look together with a cute bow belt
that I also got from my HK trip~
Here's a closeup of the belt!
Here are my nails for the night:
I got these from a girl on facebook. Unfortunately she
told me she doesn't make nails anymore because of
her busy school life :(
The ceremony for the wedding (started 1PM) was really different than what I'm used to. It was a Catholic wedding and it felt very "ritual-y" but it was a cool experience nonetheless. After that we headed home to change (it was about 3PM) and grab some MCD's lol.

At around 4PM we headed out for the dinner/reception. It was at the Point Grey Golf & Country Club which I thought was interesting because I've never been to a place like that before. The food was super yummy~ There were 3 different types of salmon, some lamb, and a whole table full of cheesecakes \(°ロ°)/
All the seats were arranged with cute little
name tags~
The menu for the night
My food ..../drools ( ゚д゚)
Dessert! It looks rather gimped because
there were so many cakes to try
my sister and I decided to divide and conquer!
And that was it for the night. We got home at around 11PM and I was pretty exhausted. However that didn't stop me from staying up until 3:30 playing Aion QQ

I forgot to mention, my mom ordered a wig from AWF because her hair wasn't quite long enough for a hairset, but when the wig came it wasn't the color she wanted so she gave it to me. I like it a lot more than my other wig but I think my natural hair is the best~!

Speaking of my mommy, I made her dinner for mother's day.
Baked chicken with potates, bell peppers, and carrots~
Okay, this post is getting way too long, I'm going to stop and make a new one right now haha. Thanks for sticking it out 'til the very end! Sorry for ending this one so abruptly >__<;;

Thursday, May 10, 2012

❖◆ Combined haul: e.l.f/ebay & ootd◆❖

Hello everyone! How was your week so far? I'm finally at the end of my first week back at school. I can finally take some time to r e l a x and let all the information from my first lectures sink in (*´▽`*)

If you follow me on twitter/instagram, you'll know today is haul day (yay!) Both my e.l.f and ebay order came in at the same time, so I'll just group both orders into one big post. Let's get right to it, there's quite a few things for me to show~

I'm sure the first thing you noticed was the crapton of nail polishes I got from e.l.f. The polishes with white caps came in a set and the other polishes were bought separately. Here are the colors from left to right (with a little bit of a description. I'm sorry I suck at describing colors XD):
  • Mango Madness: a bright fiery orange-pink
  • Mint Cream: a mint blue-green (very similar to Essie's Turquoise & Caicos)
  • Pearl: a shimmery white
  • Party Peach: a fierce coral
  • Flirty Fuchsia: a barbie pink
  • Smokin' Hot: a fire truck red
  • Coral Dream: a creamy pastel coral
I was too lazy to show each individual one haha, but I'll be sure to mention the colors I use when I post future notd's!

Also from e.l.f I got some more makeup cleansing cloths and I decided to try the eyebrow kit in ash. It actually works pretty well! I might repurchase it when I run out.

I forgot to include this product in the cover photo, but I got the matte lip color (which is just a jumbo lip pencil) in nearly nude.

The next things are from ebay. I got some nail dotting tools, and gem/pearl wheels. Also pictured below is the eyebrow/lash brush from e.l.f (isn't it so cute?):

I didn't take detailed pictures, but on the right of the cover photo, you'll notice I got a lot of nail tips and some nail glue (1 in picture but I got 10 in total). Here's a closeup of the lashes:

That's it for this haul! Now on to my ootd/fotd.

Today it was a bit warmer so I decided to break out the short shorts. I paired them up with the floral tights I got from my AWF haul. There was a slight wind so I bundled up with a white scarf and grey knit jacket my friend gave me a long time ago. As you can see I'm using my new bag, also from my AWF haul. I'm really happy with it! It holds all my books and is very durable. I would definitely buy more bags from that site!

For makeup I used my new lower lashes and I have on my new favorite lenses: Geo Princess Mimi in Sesame Grey

Here's a snap of my after school snack today. I went to a sushi place near my school. It's called Ki Sushi and it was pretty yummy! I really liked the gomae:
Spicy salmon sashimi~

That's all for this post, I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you for reading! Bye bye~

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

▫▪▣deep down and personal ▣▪▫

Hello my sweet readers. As I mentioned in my previous post, things are about to get a little personal. This post is going to be about Gyaru. I'll tell you a little about how I came across it, my inspirations, and most importantly my journey thus far/where I think I am right now. So let's get on with it shall we?

I never really had a unique sense of style when I was a teen. I often dressed as what I would labeled "like a gamer chick" which was basically t-shirt, hoodies and jeans all the way. I liked to dress up girly sometimes too, but I thought that wasn't accepted of me since I didn't hang around that crowd of people (I had few girly girl friends) and I had very few "girly" clothes/outfits anyways. It wasn't even until a year before my graduating year I started wearing makeup.

I first heard about gyaru when I was obsessed with lolita in my early high school years. I knew little about it (if anything at all) and often thought of the mamba and ganguro sub-styles when the word gyaru came to mind (not knowing those were sub-styles at the time). I thought "Wow, gyaru is really out there. I would never be able to dress like that. It wouldn't be accepted of me; I would be judged a lot..."

I didn't think much of it after that. I struggled really hard to find my own style and in a sense, I was also struggling to find myself. I had no goals, no future ambitions. I was so lost for the longest time.

I wore colored contacts the day I was allowed to get contacts. I learned slowly how to apply makeup. Through trial and error I learned what worked for me and what didn't. But I still didn't have a unique style. I still didn't know "me".

One day, I stumbled upon some Ageha magazines and instantly I fell in love with the styles it showed. I wanted to know more, but sadly I didn't know anyone with the same interest as me.

Every gyaru should know who Shiena is by now. If you don't, she's a very notable and pretty 外人ギャル (gaijin gyaru/foreign gyaru). I met her at a local anime convention a few years back. I actually learned a lot from her (through her blog, old photos, and messaging her) now that I think about it. She was the first person, along with those Ageha magazines, to fully motivate me to learn everything I can about gyaru.

During the time I met her, Shiena was in the middle of her move from here to Japan. I learned about everyday gyaru as well as gyaru secrets from following her facebook feeds. From those sites, soon learned the do's and don'ts of gyaru. The community came off to me like a pack of piranhas and scared me from ever trying to join it.

I talked to Shiena a while ago (sometime last year) and I told her how I admired her and the way she carries herself with gyaru. She told me I could do it too, and she was kind enough to take the time to explain lots of key points to me while answering my noob questions. I probably wouldn't have the courage to be where I am today if she didn't say those kind things to me.

Even with Shiena's encouragement, I was still scared to ever label or call myself gyaru. I wasn't ready. I kept thinking I wouldn't be accepted. And damn my perfectionist nature, I knew I wouldn't even accept myself.

For the past 3 years I quietly and patiently put my heart into researching and learning about gyaru. Constantly trying to improve and bring myself closer to what I only dreamed of becoming. I wanted to be happy, successful, beautiful, and most importantly full of purpose and direction.

I collected clothes and accessories from my trip to Hong Kong (all gyaru inspired), and I stalked videos labeled "gyaru" on YouTube. I began to experiment with my makeup, but nothing I did seemed to really click. Often times I find I'd look like a mess, wipe my make off and just go about how I usually do.

Finally after all this time I'm proud to say, I did it. I've taken the first step.

Browsing YouTube like I always do, I came across a video by Nuehle Vang.

I've always loved Okarie's look. She has such a clean, cute and sweet look. But I've always failed at droopy eye style make... until I saw this. I tried it out and instantly, I fell in love with my new look. I had tried so very hard to get my make on point, but I was just too inexperienced and stubborn in my old makeup habits. But after following this tutorial  I truly felt like a gyaru for the very first time.

So yeah, after all this time I think I finally found my gyaru. I didn't expect this post to be this long and I guess most people who read this won't give a flying squirrel about this post anyways. But I just felt so emotional and accomplished for the first time in a really long time. I really needed to write this, not so much for my readers (if I even have any QQ), but for me. 

I feel like I've reached sort of a milestone in my journey to finding myself. I'm so thrilled and I hope that I can keep growing and one day become a notable 外人ギャル too.

Here are some snaps of the "new me" (^v^) 
My hunny doesn't like the way he looks here :(

I don't think I'm quite there yet, but I feel like I've improved massively from my efforts before. I feel like I can finally begin to call myself gyaru and really immerse myself in it. I still have a long way to go, I know. But it feels good to finally have a start.

I'm always down to meet more friends that have a passion for gyaru. Let me know where you are in your journey~ Please continue to follow mine! 
Thank you so so much for reading. See you again soon 
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