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Thursday, March 22, 2012

♔Half-off Pita Wraps, New Champion: Lulu the Fae Sorceress, and Birthday Post!♔

Hello again my lovely readers~ ❤ As usual, this post is going to be hella long because it'll probably be 3 or 4 posts combined into one. (I've added dividers for ease of reading) Why? Because I'm too darn lazy to make smaller posts more frequently. YOU KNOW WHAT? Deal with it ಠ_ಠ (this is why I don't have readers right? I'm sorry >___<) 

On Saturday I went out with my friend Royal to pick up my yearly birthday present from Sephora. This year they were giving out a lip treatment duo by a brand called Fresh
The box it came in~
The left one is the Sugar Rose
Tinted Lip Treatment and the right one is
 the Sugar Lip Treatment.
I just tried them out, they seem okay, nothing extremely special. Also I was a bit disappointed in the rose tinted one because it didn't really pack as much colour as I expected it to. They're pretty moisturizing but I still prefer my EOS lipbalms 。◕‿‿◕。

After that, we decided to go for pita wraps at the New Westminster Extreme Pita. They had just opened this location and were having a 1/2 price pita day!
This was only round 1. We couldn't resist the deals
and decided to get seconds XD
Royal was also nice enough to get me a present when he went to Hong Kong. Guess what it was? It was a GazettE CD (Hyena)!! ❤ Not my most favourite album, but I love it nonetheless ~

Album Cover
The CD looks so cool *0*
Thank you thank you thank you so much!!! ❤ I will treasure it always.
I bought Lulu the day she came out. I learned to play supports because in ranked games I'd always be at the bottom (hence always forced to be the support). I have to say, I got pretty darn good at it. So naturally, when Riot announced a new support champion, I just had to buy her.

At first glance I actually think she's somewhat hard to play o___O I've never actually encounter a champion that felt quite as challenging to get used to as Lulu. (Also, Riot really did a good job of making her a pure support champion imo) Her AP ratios and cooldowns aren't good enough for her to be an AP caster, but that's just my personal thought on that. 

Being new to the champ like everyone else, I had no idea what to get on her, but judging from the spotlight and her wiki, I thought I'd max her shield first, since a) it's a pretty good nuke to harass with and b) because you're not a sustain lane, you can minimize damage on your carry --- similar to Janna's shield. Here's my first game with her: 
If you're wondering about the white area, it's just to cover
the chat/shit talk.
I just build her like any standard aurabot support, but if you want a more in-depth guide you can check out MissyMegan's guide on solomid (I personally would follow this one more because it's just the way I play supports all the time anyways) or Xpecial's Guide.

For my birthday, I didn't do anything special because I had school that day (tuesdays ftw). After school I went for dinner with my mum at Sushi Nanaimo --- WHICH IS AMAZING BTW. The real party's going to be this sunday and I'm super excited! I'll be seeing lots of old friends I haven't seen in quite a long time which will be nice. Also I can't wait for the presents! 

I finally got around to using those Daiso lashes I mentioned in my Daiso Haul post! I really really like them~ I think they're going to be my new favourite/every day lashes from now on *´▽`*

Aren't they so pretty?! ;A;
And for a super special awesome surprise, I got a birthday wish from the one and only Dyrus :3
Thanks so so much! You made my day >w<
Phew! Anyways you've finally reached the end of this super long post. Once again, thanks for reading! Please don't forget to follow me on GFC/Tumblr/Twtitter/Bloglovin so you can stay updated~  Catch you later 

Monday, March 12, 2012

Daiso Haul 。◕‿‿◕。

Hello again~ Today I was super anxious to meet Katrina but she wasn't feeling well so I ended up hanging out with my mom instead! We went to Aberdeen Center and got green tea icecream from Mazazu Crêpe in the food court. It's been so long since I've last had the icecream that I forgot to take a picture of it before I ate it all (T▽T) Then after that we went to walk around Daiso. Here's what I got:

I picked up some snacks and green tea mix too! (top right)
The main reason I wanted to go to Daiso was to get some storage compartments for my makeup. I've just had everything lying around in piles and I finally got sick of it. I picked up two cute pink storage boxes that were exactly what I was looking for!

I should've gotten more, these work so well with my
current space setup >___<;;

I also picked up a cute eyelash storage case as well as a box of really pretty cross-style lashes.
I've never worn cross style lashes before but these
looked so cute I just had to give them a try!

Isn't this the cutest message ever? (front of lash case)

Inside the lash case
Finally the last thing I got was a powder puff. I've always wanted to use these! (but didn't really know how) Now that I know how I thought I would try it out. There were other ones with cute leopard and zebra designs, but I thought this was was made of better material. 

Also I don't know why, but whenever I get ready to go out with friends, I always take a lot longer than I should. Even when I'm going out with close friends I've known for like, 10 years, I still spend hours trying to get ready like I have to impress them or something ( ̄□ ̄;)As a result, here are the cam-whore pictures:
My whole outfit, including my new
favourite wedges~


There's more but I'll spare you the horror of having to stare at my face 2039482039480293480293 more times.( ´ Д`);;

Here's a closer shot at my makeup today:

I like how it looks like my lower lashes are falsies, but only
the lashes near the outer-most  part are fake! 

Oh yes, one last thing before I end this post (Gahhh I should be studying!!) My room has been smelling funny because of all the fragrances I spritz on before I leave the house started to mix into 1 really weird cloud of smells. So my boyfriend's mom actually got me an air freshener from Bath&Body Works. His name is Nukupon and he smells like Peppermint! Now my room smells so much nicer~
His face sort of weirds me out LOL.
Anyways that's all for today. Thanks for sticking around. See you next time!


Monday, March 5, 2012

New champ is so fun to play!! ft. Fiora - The Grand Dualist

Hey guys, I'm starting this post off with a little League of Legends update today. I bought Fiora the day she came out, and oh my goodness she's so much fun to play. (Her ult is the most fun thing to use in the world!) Since she just came out I'm really not sure how to build her, but from what I understand people usually get either:

1) Wriggle's > boots > Fratmas > Wit's End > other tanky dps items


2) Wriggle's > boots > IE > PD > standard AD carry items

I haven't really played her enough to give a whole lot of detail into playing her, but you can always visit places like Solomid to get a better understanding/formal guide on how to build and play her.

Here's a screenshot of my first game with her:

Nothing much going on with me recently. I've just been studying here and there. Also my friend Branden got me into sandbox games again so we've been on the hunt for one. So far we've tried Wurm Online as well as Haven & Hearth. Out of the two, we decided to stick to Haven & Hearth and so far, it's pretty fun!

I've also been cooking a bit recently. Yesterday I made baked salmon with mashed potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, and pan fried bell peppers! For breakfast today I made turkey omelette with some of the left over bell peppers~  (*^▽^*)

Yummy mashed potatoes ^^

Mushrooms caps stuffed with diced garlic and mushroom
stems mixed with cream cheese. SO YUMMY ❤   
Baked Salmon

Bell peppers~ Look how pretty the colours are!

Turkey Omelette!
Thanks for reading~ Please don't forget to follow me on Google Friend Connect, Bloglovin, Twitter, and Tumblr! See you guys next time 
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