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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

❀New haircut!❀

Hello again and thanks for stopping by! I got a haircut today. I was getting bored of my long, flat, shapeless layers so I figured it was time for a cut. I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to go about doing this. I usually take pictures of hairstyles I'd like to have and then my hairdresser does the rest. Last time I went for a cut (about 4-5 months ago?) Here's one of the pictures I showed her:
Picture of Tsu-chan~
I asked for side bangs because straight bangs don't really suit my face shape .__.;; I liked that in this photo, Tsubasa had a more blunt and heavy look to her hair ends. At the time I got my cut, I had very thin ends like this:
Long, thin ends like the girl on the left.
As you can see, Tsubasa's hair in the first picture is fuller near the bottom compared to the girl in the second picture. That's what I was aiming for because I felt like I didn't have enough hair since most of it was thinned out so much. I had a ton of layers before but they were so thin it felt like I had no hair at all. I decided to cut it like Tsubasa's hair, hoping it'd give the illusion of fuller looking hair.

I let that cut grow out for a really long time, probably at least 5 months. To my surprise, I liked it a lot . I didn't miss having layers at all. But it's been so long since my last cut, when I look at my hair, like every other girl, I realize I've gotten bored of it. So what did I do? I did the stupid thing of getting it cut like I did before: thin with a shit ton of layers.

I seriously regret my hairstyle choice this time lol. I felt like I wasted all my time growing out my hair for nothing; growing it out just for it to get chopped off again. I'm going to post pictures and typical responses are going to be: "Oh it doesn't look that bad" or "It's not that much shorter, it looks more or less the same as before." I have news for you. It's different, it's definitely shorter than before, and I personally think it doesn't look as good as my cut before. (I don't hate it, but I don't love it).

I guess if you haven't spent your entire life trying to grow your hair out, then you won't understand the emotional aspect that comes with chopping all your hard work off.

Well, without further ado here's what my hair looks like right now after the cut:

It used to go down almost to my hips waist T^T;;
Again, I don't love it, but I don't hate it. I guess I'll just have to spend the next 5 months growing it out again QQ. Until next time~

Saturday, January 28, 2012

★‬ ☆ ‪★Palty Foam Hairdye Review★‬ ☆ ‪★

Hello! Today I'm going to review the Palty Foam hairdye. I got mine in Creamy Caramel from T&T Supermarket at Metrotown~ For my length of hair, I needed 2 boxes. (I read other online reviews that if you had hair past shoulder length, you'd definitely need more than 1 box.) Each box was about $15 or so I don't remember the exact price; I did get 1 of them on sale so I definitely paid less than $30 for both boxes.

***bold disclaimer: I'm not a professional colourist or anything so don't think that everything I did is applicable to everyone. I've taken a hairdressing program before so I'm well aware of the risks of leaving colour on for too long and all that jazz. Everyone's hair is different, and I've taken the time to get to know what mine can or can't handle.

The packaging~
The color swatch on top~
Inside each box comes with 1 mixing cup, 1 spatula, 1 tube of colour, 1 bottle of developer, 1 pair of gloves, and 1 packet of conditioning treatment. (All of which I don't have pictures for because I didn't think I'd have a blog up and ready yet) If you're really that interested in seeing what the box contents look like then just go to Google and search up "palty  foam hair dye" and you should get what you're looking for.

When I first started mixing the colour I noticed that it smelled really good! It smelled very sweet and fruity, you could hardly smell the chemicals. It foamed up right away, almost to the point where the cup was overflowing (you should be careful --- don't mix it too vigorously because it can get quite messy). 

I asked my boyfriend to do the colouring for me since my hair is too long for me to manage the colouring job on my own. First he covered my roots (which took almost 1 whole box) and I let the colour sit for about 20 minutes because my roots are super dark.

After 20 minutes he went in and coloured the rest of my hair and I let that sit for another 20-30 minutes. Once that time was up, I rinsed all the colour out, shampooed my hair, and applied the conditioning treatment that came with the Palty. I left the conditioner on for 2 or 3 minutes like the packaging suggested and then rinsed that out after time was up. I have to say, the conditioner was amazing. It made my hair feel so smooth and soft, it was like something out of a shampoo commercial LOL.

Here are the results:
The coverage was great, as you can see the black was pretty much completely covered and I was extremely surprised that it actually blended so well. However after a few washes, I could sort of see that my roots were a tiny bit darker than the rest of my hair, but still it is pretty unnoticeable.Coverage/Colouration: ♥♥♥♥♡

Packaging: ♥♥♥♥♡
The packaging was cute and the idea of mixing foam in a cup was not bad but I didn't like that the spatula was too short imo. Once I started mixing and got the foam going, it got sort of difficult to mix without getting a mess on your hands as the handle barely peeked over the top of the cup. I thought that was kind of annoying but hey, maybe that won't bother anyone else and I'm just being picky.

Price: ♥♥♥♥♥
For me, this was definitely worth every last penny. If I had to go out to a salon to get my hair done, I can guarantee you I'd have to pay way more than $30.

Overall Rating: ♥♥♥♥♡
Overall I liked this product. It performed well and I didn't really have much of a hassle with application or anything other than mixing with the short spatula. My boyfriend said he actually prefers this over traditional liquid colour because it's not as messy (it never dripped or anything). I have no real complaints about it except maybe for the availability of it. I think it's rather difficult to find if you don't live near any drugstores or supermarkets that sell asian cosmetics. Ordering it online would be quite pricey since you'd have to pay for shipping and whatnot. From what I remember, the cheapest you can get it online for is around $20 a box (before taxes/shipping/etc) but I could be wrong. You might be able to find a good site/good deal on it if you look really carefully.

Anyways, that's my review! I hope you enjoyed it. Thanks for reading~ Stay tuned for more posts ^^

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

✦ ✧✦ ♔‬Hello ~ First Post♔‬✦ ✧✦

Hello everyone and welcome to my new blog 

I guess I'll start with a little self introduction... (I did fill out the "profile" section of my blog page so you can go ahead and check that out if you're interested~) My name's Olivia but most of you know me as Pinkie or Pinkiechan from tumblr/twitter. I used to have a blog here on blogspot but I shut it down a while ago due to inactivity. I've since revamped it and hopefully this time I can make blogging a habit. I wanted to start up my blog again because I really did enjoy updating it and having a place to rant and vent is nice too~ I had been posting some product reviews and such on my tumblr but I think it'd be more suitable to post those in a blog (it'd probably be easier to access anyways.) 

***On the box to the right you can follow me on twitter/tumblr (if you don't already) I don't really use twitter too often but I do frequently update my tumblr ***

I'm from Vancouver/Burnaby, BC and I'm currently in college studying accounting (probably going to switch to something else but for now I guess I'll just hang onto this...) I recently discovered gyaru fashion and I absolutely a d o r e it! Although I'm not gyaru myself I really hope that this year I can find the confidence in me to become a gaijin gyaru~ Actually, that's another reason why I wanted to start up a blog again. I was hoping to meet some "veteran gyarus" (or so I call them) and of course newer gyarus to just chat and mingle~ I love making new friends. I especially love meeting people who enjoy certain things as much as I do (like makeup)

I'm 19 years young and my birthday is oMarch 20, 1992 (that means I'm a pisces!). I enjoy drawing and playing video games in my spare time. I'm currently playing League of Legends I also enjoy spending time with my bunny. Her name's Cupcake and she's almost 3 years old~

Here's what she looks like 
I think that about wraps up my introduction post (it's much longer than I intended it to be QQ) I hope you enjoyed reading this and look forward to my future ramblings! My first real post will be coming very soon~ It's going to be on my recent hair colouring. I used the Palty Foam hairdye in Creamy Caramelso I'll be reviewing that in my next post! Bye now ^^
Strawberry On Top Of Cupcake