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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

❄ Updates & Christmas potluck fun ☃

Hello hello everyone! Damn it's already been a month since the last time I posted huh? (god my life is boring/I really suck at blogging) I finished up my exams a while ago and I've just been working my butt off. I haven't had much free time lately but now that school's out of the way and Christmas is around the corner (in 15 minutes. I wrote this a week ago LOL.), I feel like I'll finally have some room to breathe.

Just some quick updates before we get to the good stuff! I got a new phone about a week ago~ I got the Samsung Galaxy S3 in white. I had to wait a few days because the shop didn't have the white phone in stock but it was well worth the wait!
I was going to wait before posting about this because I'm waiting for a case to arrive. Seeing as how I update pretty much once a month-ish, I thought I'd just throw this in here before it becomes "I got a new phone last month" news lol.

And if you're curious about the case, don't worry about it. There will definitely be a post on that!
I also did some Christmas themed nails. They're super simple but I felt they were necessary for the occasion.
My friends and I went out to a new sushi place the other day after seeing The Hobbit, which was an awesome movie!
My food!
My friend Steven's food~
 To celebrate Christmas, my friends and I decided to have a potluck/gift exchange. My boyfriend wanted to make mashed potatoes and I made pasta salad. There was so much food left over it was insane! There was a giant turkey, bread, shrimp, rice balls, fruit salad, baked zucchini, pie and stuffed mushrooms. Here comes the food porn~
My boyfriend labelled the food we bought
for the potluck in the fridge lol
Isn't he so cute? XD
Our feast!
I have no idea why this picture has
that split in color on the side :(
Stuffed mushrooms!
Look at all the goodness on the second
table in the back lol.
We had a small gift exchange after dinner. I got my boyfriend the Guild Wars 2 books. Our friend Branden (whose house we held this at) got a cookbook and Big Bang Theory T-shirt from us. I also got my other friend, Steven, the Bro Code and my friend Taewoo got a scarf! I got a Sephora gift card from Taewoo, a new highlighter/blush duo from Steven, and Lady Gaga's perfume from my boyfriend!
 That's all the holiday fun for this post! Stay tuned for more~
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