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Monday, October 29, 2012

❅ Collective Fall/Winter Haul ☂

皆さん こんばんは〜 (good evening everyone)! Today I'm doing another collective haul post. I bought a few things near the end of summer and my Asia Fashion Wholesale with Terry came in as well! Just a heads up, this post might be a bit photo heavy~
I guess I'll start off with my group haul. I placed a group order for AFW with Terry and another friend of mine. Here's what I got (stock photos only cause my camera is dead and I'm lazy lul):
Graphic shirt
Lace design leggings
Pink shorts w/ belt
Cute school bag
Thick knit sweater
Knit jacket w/ faux fur lining
Cute lace shorts
Black cardigan
I'm still very satisfied with this website. The shipping is relatively quick and the products are of decent quality. I just wish shipping wasn't so expensive haha (but that's what group orders are for!). My advice for anyone ordering from AWF is to get clothes that are made with a lighter material (chiffon clothing is hit or miss on this site I hear). Anything bulky like purses or sweaters will cost you a little more. If you order lighter things you can get more items! (¬‿¬)
I was browsing around London Drugs the other day and I saw that they were having a sale on Physician's Formula brand makeup. I've always wanted to try this brand but the products are just too pricey. I grabbed this neat blush/highlighter bundle for around $20 so I was really happy to try these out. I believe the highlighter alone retails for about $17~ or so depending where you get it. You can imagine how happy I was to see this bargain haha.
I really do like these products a lot. I read online that the highlighter can be a bit of a glitter-bomb though if you are not careful with your application. I can do a more detailed review of this duo if requested!
The next thing I picked up was this super popular bronzer by NYC. I've been looking for it everywhere NYC products are sold but I've never been able to find this bronzer in stock. It's the NYC bronzer in Sunny. The bronzer is matte and it's just beautiful. It's a very flattering shade on my skin and I can see why this is never available in stores. 
The last few clothing items I got are from a Facebook group. They were having a sale and I spotted this cute pair of DreamV shorts. 
The next item I got was a flowy, over-sized tank top with a cute bow design on the front.
Next I got was this sweet floral babydoll. It reminded me of Liz Lisa so I picked it up hoping to pair it with my replica boots. I was really disappointed when I got this though because it's too big for me. I think I'll just put it in the sales column on my blog (´∩`。)
Those were all the things I got from Facebook. I also went shopping at Metrotown with Terry and picked up this cute pair of high waisted button shorts from Urban Planet.
Sorry for the blurriness T___T
They're really comfy and stretchy. The only problem is that now it's too cold to wear them! (FML) Hopefully there will be a few days where I can just slap on some tights underneath these babies and not turn into a popsicle.... ( ̄◇ ̄;)
I got this stunning pair of boots from Justfab.com. I saw that Terry had a lot of cute shoes from there so I decided to check it out. I picked out these boots for my first time purchase discount and I have to say, the quality is amazing! The boots are really comfy, despite being rather high for my liking. The detailing is just so pretty (´ ▽`).。o♡
Picture from my instagram because I'm too lazy
to watermark it Q___Q
These boots were apparently designed by Avril Lavigne!(*´▽`*)
Anyways, that's all for now! Thank you so much for reading until the very end! I've been pretty busy lately with my new job so my updates are even worse than usual ヘ(>_<ヘ)

I'll try to make time for smaller updates whenever possible~ I have another AWF haul coming (I need to stop. Someone stop me.. ;___;) so please look forward to that! See you in my next post!
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