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Thursday, July 12, 2012

♒ With great sunshine comes great frustration -- OOTD/FOTD #5 ♒

HAI GUISE. It's a freaking hot as an oven outside and I had the most interesting day ever. My morning started with my neighbor's daughter screaming and crying at the top of her lungs (why? No idea at the time but I found out when I got home --- I overheard the dad yelling because she had spilled glue all over her bedroom carpet this morning...).
So I was up a little earlier than I wanted to be but whatever, I was in an indifferent mood. I got to know another student in my marketing class and that was cool I guess. I caught up with one of my group partners and we talked about Guild Wars 2 (WHICH IS COMING OUT AUGUST 28TH OMG). Then after that I grabbed some lunch and watched Dyrus/Guardsman Bob's stream until my next class started.
On my way home I had to stop by Brentwood mall (where a main bus loop is) to catch my 2nd bus home. I had to wait out in the sun because there was no shade and 2 "not in service" buses passed by while I was waiting. I wasn't about to get irritated because that would just make the heat feel worse. A third "not in service" bus pulled up and a lady standing in front of me just went berserk on the bus driver. After that whole mess our bus finally came up and we all got on and I thought that was the end of that. 
Wrong. SO WRONG. I was listening to my music when all of a sudden I heard a huge bang, like cans or metal hitting the floor. I pulled out my headphones and heard a lady yell to the bus driver about a man being physically and verbally abusive to her in the back of the bus. I was thinking "Wow, no way. Not another fight. What is wrong with people?" The bus driver told everyone trying to start a fight to immediately exit the bus but no one budged. They started arguing (the lady and the man) and the bus driver told everyone "If you don't want to watch the fight get off the bus." An old friend of mine from high school was on the same bus and he lives 2 blocks away from me. I poked him and gestured to the door, we both got off the bus and walked home as the bus was rather close to our stops anyways. It was nice catching up for a bit. Besides, I was not going to sit around and watch another fight.

We looked back a few minutes later and the bus had started moving again. The man had gotten off the bus and the people that got off the bus simply walked to the next stop. At the end of my street we parted ways and I came home to hear my neighbor yelling and his kid crying.
He was complaining to his girlfriend or something about how he couldn't leave his daughter alone for a few seconds without her making a mess of things. This time she had, if I heard correctly, gone through her father's drawers and threw everything on the floor/made a huge mess of his wallet. He went on to complain about the morning incident and suddenly things from this morning were a lot clearer.
Anyways that sums up my interesting happenings. Now onto the photos, starting with my crappy instagram ones:
Closer look at my make
Excuse my ghetto censoring. Was trying
to hide my bathroom LOL
Closer look at my nails because the instagram one I posted
yesterday didn't do it justice.
I'm really proud of my make today because I made my own
lower lashes.
I had these lashes lying around for a long time but wasn't ever able to find a way to wear them because they just looked weird to me. I finally figured out a way to make them look more gyaru. Here's a picture/mini-tutorial of how I did it:
I took the ends I cut off of the bottom lashes and glued them to the outer corner of the crossing lashes and the results are what you see in the pictures above! (*^▽^*)

Thanks for reading! Bye bye~
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