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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

▫▤ OOTD #3 & Discovered New Restaurant ▤▫

Oh hai. I'm wanted to share my OOTD from Sunday with you. I wore my new replica Liz Lisa dress with my replica Liz Lisa boots~
Here are also some shots of my makeup recently~ I'm sorry you can't see my lashes in the second picture, the angle was bad >__<;;

Today I went out with Patrick and my friends Branden and Steven. We walked around Lougheed mall for a bit then went for dinner. Branden was in the mood for Korean food so we searched the area for a decent place. We came across this restaurant called Jong Ga Korean Restaurant

It was hard for us to pick what we wanted to eat because we wanted to share a large hotpot. After some clarification the waitress told us the hotpot would serve about 2 people so we decided to order for ourselves. The food was delicious and the portions were very generous. It wasn't expensive at all (about $10-12 per person) but the service was not that great because there were very few wait staff. I'd definitely go back there, the food was just so yummy (´ڡ` )
My beef rice. Branden sat across from me
and he got the same thing~
Patrick's food (bottom left) and side dishes
Steven's food
That's all~ thanks for reading ^-^*
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