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Thursday, June 21, 2012

▼Rediscovered My Camera▲

Hello everyone! How is your week going? I just finished my accounting midterm today, and boy was that stressful( ゚ Д゚)I'm just glad that it's done now and I can finally relax!

I was cleaning my room two days ago and I was super excited because I rediscovered my camera! I haven't seen that thing for months I thought I had misplaced it in a purse somewhere under my bed. Turns out it was just on top of one of my dressers!

It's a pretty old camera (got it like, 4-5 years ago) so the quality of the pictures is not fantastic, but it's much better than my itouch's camera (which I have been using ever since I got it). Before I got my itouch, I had to rely on my Blackberry's camera.

But anyways, this is what my camera looks like (photo not mine):
I'm thinking of deco-ing it out when I have the time, but first I have to buy more rhinestones and gems because the ones I have are just too small.

I did camwhore a bit (I'm pretty sure that's a given) so I'll just dump those snaps here. For those interested, I'm wearing the GEO Princess Mimi lenses in Sesame Grey:
Been doing my makeup like this a lot recently.
Please ignore the nasty pink in my eye, I have allergies :(

Of course, obligatory instagram post with my new Hello Kitty glasses:

Somehow, the instagram photos will always look better to me ( ̄□ ̄;)

That's all for now! Also I'd like to announce that I'm having a little trouble with Disqus, so if I don't reply to your comments I'm really really sorry. They show up on my blogger (dashboard > comments) but I can't see them on the actual Disqus module. I've messaged the support team about it and I'm just waiting for them to get back to me. Thank you so much for your comments, every single one is appreciated!

One last thing, please don't forget to check out the poll at the top of my page! It will really help me keep this blog updated more frequently. I have to admit, half the time I don't update because I feel like I have 0 interesting content lol (my life is so boring QQ) 

Anyways, thanks again for visiting! Now for me to catch up on some much needed video game time~ Bye 

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