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Monday, June 18, 2012

Guild Wars 2 Beta Week, Night Market & Changes!

Hello again! I know it's been a while since my last post (like always), but I've been wrapped up in exams and the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekend. I was going to make a whole post about my beta experience but I think that would just end up being a bit of a rant/ramble kind of thing so I'll spare you the excruciating details (unless you know, that's your thing then let me know and we can totally go on and on about it forever)

The local night markets (that's right, plural!) opened up not long ago, so yesterday my friends, boyfriend and I decided to go check it out. Unfortunately the weather has been sort of on the cloudy/rainy/disgusting side lately so a lot of the stands were not open (⇀‸↼‶)

The first one we went to was the Richmond Night Market and sadly, I was kind of disappointed. I expected a lot more because of all the good things I've been hearing from friends but I dunno, it seemed kind of "meh". The food was typical and the vendors were just plain boring! There weren't as many eyelash & contact lens booths as I thought there would be... actually now that I think about it, I think there were only like, 10-12 interesting booths (maybe less) open for business because of the weather.

After snaking through the food vendors like 7 times, we decided to ditch and head over to the Summer Night Market. Both the markets were pretty much the same but because it was so close to closing time when we got there, the food at the SNM was a lot cheaper. I think there were arguably more food stands open. However by the time we were done stuffing ourselves most of the few open vendors were closed.

I did manage to pick up some cute Rilakkuma slippers (from SNM) and some Hello Kitty frames (from RNM) for a pretty reasonable price before I called it quits for the night! Here are some snaps:

My boyfriend tried to get the
giant takoyaki, but apparently that
would take 30-40 minutes to make o__O
Really yummy yam fries!
Hunny's takoyaki~
Look how gross the weather was
Look at these pretty trees!

I thought this sign was so cute *u*
My gets for the night!

You may have also noticed a slight change to my blog today. If not, go ahead and find a little surprise under the header image! I've decided to add a few pages to this blog to get things a little more organized (also to prevent me from cluttering the sidebar QQ) Please let me know if you'd like to see anything specific given its own page~ That's all for this post! I'll leave you with a quick FOTD I snapped earlier this week, sporting the Wet 'n Wild polish in "On a Trip". See you later! 

*was too lazy to wear lower lashes .__.

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