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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

♫❊ Snaps from May; Part 2 ❊♬

*Le yaaaaawn* ~ For those of you who don't know, this post is a continuation of my previous post which was just way too long because of my own laziness. Let's get right back into it then, shall we?

I went for ramen this Sunday with my boyfriend, sister, and church friend (his name's Rich and I've known him for like 10+ years, he was my Sunday school teacher at some point haha)

We went to this place called "Santouka" for lunch and it was completely packed! The line went all the way outside even though it was raining.

Here are some snaps of the store front

This is what me and my boyfriend ordered~
I got the "Miso Cha-Shu Ramen"
Hunny got "Miso Ramen"
I realize they both look the same (because the only difference is about 3 slices of cha-shu lol), but I like the way the Naruto looks in the photos >3>

Finally we come to the last of the photos! I stole my desktop monitor and hooked it up to my laptop like a boss so I could have dual screens (hue.)

It looks extremely retarded, but you know what? Life is so much easier now lmao.

I also experimented a bit with my makeup. I've just been playing around with different lash combinations and in general, just getting comfortable with doing the Okarie-style make I mentioned a few posts ago. I'm really liking the way this kind of make looks on me! I'm practicing putting on lower lashes; I think I'm getting better :3

I used to be really bad at putting them on. They would somehow always end up falling off/being crooked.
I was super tired from school /pout. Here I used my new lower
lashes I mentioned in my ebay haul and my daiso lashes
You can't see my upper lashes from this angle, but I'm using
the same lower lashes from the above photo
Here's what I did for school today. I used my everyday go to
natural cross lashes and the lower lashes I used in my
first Okarie-style make attempt

The last things I wanted to share with you were these lipsticks and a necklace I got today from Lougheed Mall

The lipsticks are Maybelline's "born with it" and Rimmel's "airy fairy." For months I looked all over the place for that Rimmel lipstick but couldn't find it anywhere at all. It's such a popular color that it's virtually sold out in every drugstore. You can totally imagine my reaction : (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ彡┻━┻

If I had to describe the colors, I would say that Airy Fairy is more of a "my lips but better" kind of color. Whereas Born With It is more of a nudey pink. Nonetheless I love them both and would definitely repurchase when I get the chance. (FYI they were both on sale for around $5~)

The necklace was really a spur of the moment thing. It's really pretty and my boyfriend liked it. Besides, who could resist? It was only $6 from Payless Shoe Source!!

That's all for this post! Thank you so much for visiting, I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I did writing it (≧∇≦) Please come visit again soon~

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