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Monday, May 7, 2012

Photo Dump & Upcoming Personal Post

Hey dollies! Yesterday I had an epiphany-like moment (LOL) about Gyaru and I wanted to share it with you in a post after this one. Unlike my other posts I won't be sharing this upcoming personal post all over the place because I feel like it's not a huge deal/I don't want to be all up in everyone's face about it. I'm weird, I know. But I just felt like it would be better if I kept it on the down low on my other social networking sites. 

Keep your eyes out for it if you're interested, if not just ignore it and wait for my Ebay and e.l.f hauls.

For this post I'm going to show you some nail polishes I just got as well as a few snaps from earlier this month/late last month.

Earlier these past few weeks I went food hopping with my friends~ We went to Richmond and had some food at the Aberdeen food court and we also tried this Ramen joint in Parker Place we had never been to.

Here are some snaps from our Richmond adventure haha:
Some really yummy chicken wings
Ramen from Ajisen Ramen
Oh yeah, we also went downtown the week before this and had Japadogs:

This was my lunch yesterday~
Green onion pancake and pork intestines (mmmmm)
And this was our dinner on Friday. We went to this BBQ place on Hastings and Gilmore and ordered the platter like fatties >3<:

That wraps up the food porn. On to the gets!

I got 3 new polishes at Wal-Mart yesterday. They were having a huge sale in the cosmetics department so I was super excited (too excited) I picked up 2 Wet n Wild polishes and 1 Sally Hansen polish:
The names are (from left to right): 
  • On a Trip: a true purple color
  • 2% Milk: a nude champagne color
  • Hard-core Party: a sweet baby pink
They were all about $2 each. I would have grabbed more but all the nice spring/pastel colors were already sold out. The only colors left were basic primary colors that I don't really wear (ToT)

I'm wearing 2% milk today, with some glitter and nail stickers:
Simple design for the upcoming school week :)
I really like that the Wet n Wild polishes come with a wide and flat brush. It really covers the whole nail and I think it works well with the thin, watery formula. Even though the polish is a little more sheer, it definitely builds up in 2 coats to a great opaque true-to-the-bottle color. These may be a new favorite for me! I've always loved Essie but these Wet n Wild polishes are such a cheaper alternative when I can't get Essie polishes.

Last thing before I wrap this post up! If you remember I mentioned in a previous post, I bought some storage compartment thingys from Daiso to organize my makeup. I thought that wasn't quite enough so I went back and picked up some more. Now my makeup is completely organized!

That's it for this post! Thank you so much for dropping by again. If you enjoyed this post, please don't forget to leave me comments and follow my blog and all my other social networking sites (listed in the sidebar). It really means the world to me! Stay tuned for more posts ❤

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