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Sunday, April 22, 2012

❖Review: Tokidoki Arte Palette - Til Death Do Us Part❖

Hiiii dear readers~ ◕3◕ 
Yesterday I went out to karaoke with my boyfriend and close friend, Royal. First we stopped by Metrotown and I went to Sephora. They had lots of cute sample/travel size products in the checkout lineup, the tokidoki palettes in particular caught my eye. There were 3 color arrangements to choose from but I ended up picking this one called "Til Death Do Us Part"
Front of the package
Back of the package
I mainly got it on a whim; I thought the blush was super pretty (it looks more orange in the preview image on the back of the packaging). I wanted it because I don't have any orange blushes and for $12 it was sort of a steal. The shadows were kind of a bonus in this sense.

The packaging is just cheap cardboard with a magnetic snap closure. There's a thin vertical mirror on the inside. Although not super fancy, the packaging seems pretty sturdy for what it's worth. It's also really slim as you can see so it's great for travelling/on the go use.
The blush is really amazing, the pigmentation is great. The color isn't quite orange, it's more of a peachy pink with a bit of sparkle.

The shadows are nothing special. I really like the two lighter colors but I feel like the darker colors are more chalky and very very sheer. I haven't actually used them in a look yet but in order to make the swatches below, i had to go over the color a good 2-3 times for it to show on camera (note: I didn't use any primer for the swatches)

1 & 2 are my favorite *o*
Overall I think it was worth it for $12. The blush itself is probably worth more than that in a larger size.

After visiting Sephora we went to dinner at Sushi Oyama. I got some sashimi and a few kappa rolls (forgot to take pictures). Hunny ordered a smoke salmon cream cheese roll and a chopped scallop roll, and Royal got an udon and red roll~
Some of my hunny's food and Royal's red roll (top)

After karaoke we went across the street to meet some other friends at Estea, but it was getting pretty late so we left to catch the bus home not too long after we got there. 

Royal listening to his music deeply... *coughgaycough*
Silly face >3<

On the way home I started to get a bit hungry but the closest place that was still open was McDonald's. To my surprise though, the McDonald's had closed just a few minutes before I got there, but the drive-thru was still open. Needless to say, not having a car didn't stop us from ordering at the drive-thru LOL.
I've never felt more troll in my life. 

That's all for this post! I hope you enjoyed reading and found the review to be helpful. See you next time!

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