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Friday, April 20, 2012

Re-vamped! SweetDreams Gets a Makeover

Hello lovelies! I bet you were a bit surprised when you happened upon my page today. I gave SweetDreams a total makeover! I didn't like the way the old background looked (it was made pretty hastily and poorly). I wanted a new one with a more seamless image. Also I redid the header banner so that it included a picture of me and somewhat matched the blog more.

Overall it took me quite a few hours to find all the images and edit them but I'm very happy with the result! What do you think? Do you like my blog's new look? (#^.^#)

So I caved in and splurged a little on that site I talked about in my last post. There's definitely a haul post coming up. Actually, there's going to be 2. LOL. I was lurking on e_g and I rediscovered Pin's video on making gyaru nails and decided to buy some deco gear and nail tips. My god I have like, 0 self control when it comes to these things =__= 

I'm trying to let gyaru grow on me little by little. I've been trying to shop for myself with certain co-ordinates or models in mind. Maybe I can become really good at gyaru sometime in the near future.

Anyways, that's off topic! I just wanted to update a little and let you guys know what's coming in the next few weeks. I probably won't be updating again over the weekend because I have 2 finals on Tuesday. That's all for this post. Thanks for reading~

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