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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Websites to Note!

Hey guys! Today my friend Terry told me about a really cool shopping website called Asia fashion wholesale. They sell lots of clothes/shoes/purses for super cheap! (the catch is you have to pay pretty pricey shipping)

I was thinking about getting a few things from there so maybe I'll have a haul post coming soon! Just thought I'd share that in case anyone else had been in the shopping mood lately haha.
This is what I look like when
I get new stuff LOL (thought in
the panda's head for this gif definitely
goes along the lines of': "AWW YEAH")
Also my friend Margaret started a food blog. It'd mean a lot if you supported her by following/liking her facebook page. Thanks!

That's all for now! I know this post was super short for a change lol. Hopefully I'll have more things to post about this coming week. Anyways bye for now!
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