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Monday, April 16, 2012

*:・゚✧Deco iTouch Cases*:・゚✧

Hey everyone! So for my birthday, my friends actually got together and bought me brand new 4th generation iTouch! I love it lots but the back was so prone to scratching and fingerprints so I had to buy some pretty deco cases to cover the back part up!

I found some really cute cases on ebay but there were some things about them I didn't like (color/certain deco pieces). After searching for a few days, I came across a seller who was having a great deal (5 cases) + free shipping. I liked most of the designs so I figured, "Why not? It's cheaper than buying 5 separate cases"

They came in the mail few days ago but I've been way too lazy to make this post lol. I guess I don't feel so motivated to keep this blog up since I don't have a lot of readers >__<;; But then if I stop, I'll get even fewer readers and it just because a vicious cycle D:

ANYWAYS, without further delay here are the 5 cases I got (image taken from the ebay seller because I'm too lazy to take each one out of their packaging and photograph them):

I'm currently using the black and white one and so far it's held up pretty well! None of the gems have fallen off and it's actually quite a bit more durable than I had expected.

If you're wondering, it's the butterfly case that I'm not too crazy about. I don't know why, I think it's pretty but it's just not my style I guess.

Here's what my case looks like:

I also like that it's not too bulky either despite the fact that there are 5 huge roses on the back. It still fits perfectly fine into my jean pockets  (^▽^) 

The lights in my room burnt out so I had to sit in the dark for a while .__.;;

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Thanks for reading! See you next time~

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