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Monday, March 5, 2012

New champ is so fun to play!! ft. Fiora - The Grand Dualist

Hey guys, I'm starting this post off with a little League of Legends update today. I bought Fiora the day she came out, and oh my goodness she's so much fun to play. (Her ult is the most fun thing to use in the world!) Since she just came out I'm really not sure how to build her, but from what I understand people usually get either:

1) Wriggle's > boots > Fratmas > Wit's End > other tanky dps items


2) Wriggle's > boots > IE > PD > standard AD carry items

I haven't really played her enough to give a whole lot of detail into playing her, but you can always visit places like Solomid to get a better understanding/formal guide on how to build and play her.

Here's a screenshot of my first game with her:

Nothing much going on with me recently. I've just been studying here and there. Also my friend Branden got me into sandbox games again so we've been on the hunt for one. So far we've tried Wurm Online as well as Haven & Hearth. Out of the two, we decided to stick to Haven & Hearth and so far, it's pretty fun!

I've also been cooking a bit recently. Yesterday I made baked salmon with mashed potatoes, stuffed mushrooms, and pan fried bell peppers! For breakfast today I made turkey omelette with some of the left over bell peppers~  (*^▽^*)

Yummy mashed potatoes ^^

Mushrooms caps stuffed with diced garlic and mushroom
stems mixed with cream cheese. SO YUMMY ❤   
Baked Salmon

Bell peppers~ Look how pretty the colours are!

Turkey Omelette!
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