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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Update! ft. Gamer Post --- Ziggs, the Hexplosives Expert

Hello! So I haven't made a post in a while but don't worry, I didn't abandon this blog yet~ I was studying for some midterms so I didn't really have the time to post anything. I'm super excited for an upcoming post (which will hopefully be sometime within the next week) because I just put an order in on ebay and forever21 yesterday! I've always wanted to do haul blogs but since no one really followed me, I never did. Now that I have somewhat of a interest in keeping this blog alive, hopefully I can draw in more readers and make those posts matter ^^

On another note, for those League of Legends lovers out there who happen upon my blog, I bought Ziggs the day after he came out. I have to say, I'm absolutely loving him. He might be my new favourite caster in mid. Here's how I did in the first game I played with him:
Click for a bigger picture~
For that game, I messed around with his build. As you can see it was a really long game, but I had Mejai's and actually a second Deathcap before the game ended with the items you see in the screenshot. For people that are interested in my thoughts on this champ, here's a summary:

High damage ult (has decent range)
Relatively high ratios on his skills
Great autoattack animation (easy last hitting with his passive)
Good harass and utility in his kit
Relatively low CD's (especially on Q)

Can be mana hungry in lane (kind of a blue buff hog)
Skills are fairly easy to dodge, especially his ult
Not exactly a reliable escape with Satchel Charge

I haven't really played him enough to really judge him, but my guess is that he'll probably be nerfed in an upcoming patch. For those wondering ---I like to build dorans/boots x3pots to start and go either doran stacking (I stop at 2 but you can do 3 if you need it I guess) into deathcap, or rush tear and build rylai's. Mejai's is for the lulz and if you have to skill to keep them stacks going then obviously it'll pay off later. (Keep in mind your ult gives mad assists.) I always build at least 1 doran's though because he's super squishy like most casters. Also I like to pick rylai's over RoA because of the slow + Hexplosive Minefield = lulz, but that's just me (makes it easier to land your Q).

Anyways this post is getting sort of long and I'm sidetracking into territory I don't really want to get into sooooo I'm wrapping this up for now~ Stay tuned for my super exciting haul post! Thanks for reading :3 
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