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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Message from Forever21 and Ebay; Valentine's Nails (´・ω・)

Why hello (insert emotionless Dyrus impersonation here)

I'm pleased to announce that my ebay and forever21 orders have been updated! Here are the emails I got from both (you can click the pictures for a bigger image):

Email from Ebay Seller

Email from Forever21
I emailed the ebay seller back saying I would wait for my order so that will take a little longer than I planned. Oh well, it's good to know that they value their customers so much.

Not a lot going on right now I guess. I did do my nails, hoping they would last until Valentine's. I used Sally Hansen's Hard as Nails Xtreme Wear polish in Strobe Light then decorated them with some nail stickers my friend had bought me on her trip to Hong Kong a few years ago. Originally I bought this polish for a New Year's design but I never got around to using it so I was really anxious to try it out. I think it turned out pretty well  (^_^;) 

Anyways that's it, just wanted to give a brief update to keep this blog alive~ Thanks for reading  >‿‿◕
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