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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Forever21 Package Arrived & HUGE update~!

It's been quite the wait, but my Forever21 order finally came in! I'm currently still waiting on my ebay order but I thought I'd make a separate post for that later because I've been dying to share what I got from f21. Also I wanted to take this time to massively update my blog since I've been MIA for so long QQ. I did however get the time to make a watermark for my pictures. Tell me what you think!

First off, happy late Valentine's day! I personally never really liked Valentine's day because I think it's gotten way too commercial. (Besides, I don't need a specific day of the year for my man to make an effort to show his affections when he does it every single day of the year regardless.)

Here's my makeup as well as what I wore for Valentine's~

I made my bottom lashes myself by using tweezers
 to re-position the fibers :3

But enough of that, now we get to the good stuff: The Haul.

I'm a super neat freak so I like to have everything in my room organized in drawers, shelves, boxes, etc. I was looking at my jewelry and I was bothered by how I kept it all in an "organized mess." I've always liked the jewelry displays at Forever21 so I decided to hop onto their website and do a little browsing. To my surprise they actually sold jewelry stands! I picked out a white/cream colored 3 tier stand for just around $15~ They offer free shipping for orders over $60 so I browsed around for some cute accessories while I was at it. I'll be posting the name of each item as well as the price [in Canadian $'s] underneath the picture in case you're interested  (*^▽^*)

Here's what I got:

"Floral Jewelry Stand" - $15.80

"Rose Bracelet" - $6.80

"Roses & Rhinestone Ring" - $5.80

"Twist & Rhinestones Bangles" - $6.80

"Rose Heart Necklace" - $5.80

"Pearlescent Hearts Earrings" - $4.80

"Two Layered Beaded Necklace" - $5.80

"Leaf Accent Necklace" - $5.80

"Scalloped Filligree Earrings" - $3.80
I'm LOVING these

Here's what the stand looks like with
all my jewelry hanging off it~
I'm super pleased with f21's fast shipping and everything I ordered came in perfect condition. The scalloped earrings are definitely my favorite piece in this order (≧∇≦)♥ 

My aunt, sister and uncle share the same birthday, but every year my aunt throws a huge party for herself on the actual day of and we all have to go. I don't really mind, but sometimes it gets a little repetitive and boring, especially since there are a lot of people there that I haven't met before. This is what I wore that night~

I've been dying to wear this dress since
I bought it from HK.

A closeup of my hair. Super simple braids
on the side, bobby pinned back~

Finally, I wanted to post an update on my makeup. I've been trying to get into wearing false lower lashes but I could never really get them to work with me. I saw a few youtube videos on re-designing your false lashes by using tweezers to re-position the hair fibers and here's what I ended up getting:

I absolutely love the results  They look so natural but at the same time they add so much more emphasis and drama to my lower lashes. I could definitely get used to this look (´・ω・`)

Anyways, thanks again for reading! Until next time~

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