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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

❀New haircut!❀

Hello again and thanks for stopping by! I got a haircut today. I was getting bored of my long, flat, shapeless layers so I figured it was time for a cut. I wasn't quite sure how I wanted to go about doing this. I usually take pictures of hairstyles I'd like to have and then my hairdresser does the rest. Last time I went for a cut (about 4-5 months ago?) Here's one of the pictures I showed her:
Picture of Tsu-chan~
I asked for side bangs because straight bangs don't really suit my face shape .__.;; I liked that in this photo, Tsubasa had a more blunt and heavy look to her hair ends. At the time I got my cut, I had very thin ends like this:
Long, thin ends like the girl on the left.
As you can see, Tsubasa's hair in the first picture is fuller near the bottom compared to the girl in the second picture. That's what I was aiming for because I felt like I didn't have enough hair since most of it was thinned out so much. I had a ton of layers before but they were so thin it felt like I had no hair at all. I decided to cut it like Tsubasa's hair, hoping it'd give the illusion of fuller looking hair.

I let that cut grow out for a really long time, probably at least 5 months. To my surprise, I liked it a lot . I didn't miss having layers at all. But it's been so long since my last cut, when I look at my hair, like every other girl, I realize I've gotten bored of it. So what did I do? I did the stupid thing of getting it cut like I did before: thin with a shit ton of layers.

I seriously regret my hairstyle choice this time lol. I felt like I wasted all my time growing out my hair for nothing; growing it out just for it to get chopped off again. I'm going to post pictures and typical responses are going to be: "Oh it doesn't look that bad" or "It's not that much shorter, it looks more or less the same as before." I have news for you. It's different, it's definitely shorter than before, and I personally think it doesn't look as good as my cut before. (I don't hate it, but I don't love it).

I guess if you haven't spent your entire life trying to grow your hair out, then you won't understand the emotional aspect that comes with chopping all your hard work off.

Well, without further ado here's what my hair looks like right now after the cut:

It used to go down almost to my hips waist T^T;;
Again, I don't love it, but I don't hate it. I guess I'll just have to spend the next 5 months growing it out again QQ. Until next time~
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